Vietnam is on most backpackers list and for a few very good reasons. The country is absolutely beautiful and astonishingly cheap. Most private hotel rooms are around £10 a night, and a meal for two can be had for as low as £5 without drinks. Most people chose to start in the south and head north but you can travel Vietnam in either direction as we proved by heading north to south.

Getting around Vietnam is very easy if you stick to the well trodden backpacker routes. With a train line running the length of the country almost all destinations can be accedes relatively cheaply. Taking an overnight train will also save on accommodation and is a very interesting experience. There is also bus’s that are much cheaper, but can be very long, and with only 14 days in the country on the free visa we didn’t want to waist time.

It was also because of this limited 14 day visa that we could not visit all the places that Vietnam has to offer. We researched extensively and feel the places we visited best suited us, but be sure to read up on all Vietnam has to offer before you finalise your itinerary.


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