Japan has been the most amazing surprise, it’s hard to portray in words how special it is. We tell everyone we speak to that their next trip should be to Japan. The culture there really blew us away, everyone is so friendly, even down to the people serving you breakfast in McDonalds, it comes across as if they feel privileged to be serving you.

We learned that the Japanese are brought up to put the needs of others before their own and it really shows to a western visitor. When we meet other travellers, the first thing we both say is how nice everyone is. The second is how there are no bins or benches, and this is very hard to get used to, you just have to carry your rubbish around with you until you get back to your hotel. Because there are no bins you would expect the streets to be filthy, but it’s quite the opposite, Japan is immaculate.

By far the most amazing parts of Japan are the traditional temples, toriis and castles. There is so much history and culture to absorb, you’ll be fascinated. It’s also a fish lovers paradise and a trip is not complete without trying Japanese Tako-yaki, also known as deep fried octopus!


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