Hong Kong is home to the martial art super star Jackie Chan and one of the best skylines in Asia. As one of the world biggest trading hubs you will find a very diverse mix of cultures here offering a great varity of food and accommodation. Traveling to Hong Kong offers you great way to ease into the Chinese culture and way of life if you are planning to travel to other popular Chinese destinations such as Guilin, Xi’an, Shanghai or Beijing. If you like NYC or Dubai you will love Hong Kong.


Like any major city you are spoiled for things to see and do, we have listed our three favourite below, but be sure to check out our Top 5 things to do in Hong Kong for more detail.

The Peak

This has to be one of the best skyline views you will ever see. But instead of being in, or on, a building you are on top of a mountain. Ok, I confess you are on top of a building on top of the mountain but it’s a great experience looking down the mountain over one of the most spectacularly lit cities in the world. One of the most impressive buildings you can admire from here is the 118 storey International Commerce Center building which can display almost any image with a screen that practically measures 484 meters tall. i

Lantau Island Big Buddha

You have two options to get to Lantau Island, by train or by boat. Both options will cost you less than £5 from Kowloon or even Hong Kong Island. Upon arriving at the island you again have two options to get to the ‘Big Buddha’, take the cable car or take the bus. Once you get dropped off you are free to explore the park, it’s not just the Big Buddha you can admire, there is the temple of 1000 Buddah’s which is equally as impressive!

Laser Show

Every evening at 8 PM the skyline of Hong Kong comes alive as lasers shine from the top of all the buildings. For 15 minutes the lights dance to music in an unforgettable show. Unfortunately when we were there we were under a typhoon warning 3 and the lasers were cancelled. The weather in Hong Kong can change quickly so do this one as soon as you arrive to avoid disappointment.


If you can afford it then you should stay in the Peninsula, they have the largest fleet of Roles Royce’s in the world to ferry their guests around. If that’s a little to expensive how about the Chungking Mansion, it gets a lot of bad press but when hotel rooms (with private bathrooms) start at £14 a night its definitely worth a look. Just book in advance on a reputable website and you will be fine. We can recommend the Sydney Hostel and the Park Guest House which were both clean and secure. Of course there is a wide variety of hotels to suite anyone’s requirements just be sure to book in advance if you plan to stay during any of China’s holiday periods as it gets very, very busy!


The food in Hong Kong is diverse and offers something for everyone, we even had the best Pizza Hut we have ever tasted which we wouldn’t have expected! Do some research and find out where your local Food Republic will be. These establishments, or “food halls’ offer all types of Asian cuisine, from traditional Chinese to Thai, Japanese or Vietnamese. You won’t be spending more than £6 on a meal so it’s very affordable to eat out every day. Because of Hong Kong’s strong western ties you will find a 7-11 on most roads, unfortunately they don’t offer a huge variety of food but you’ll find the basics 24/7.


Hong Kong has a great transportation network, and it’s seriously cheap, try and take the Star Ferry across the harbour, it’s much nicer than going on the underground. When you arrive in Hong Kong you can pick up an Octopus card, it costs £15, £5 deposit and £10 credit that you can top up as you go. The great thing is when you leave you can return it and get a full refund of unused credit and the £5 deposit you paid for the card. The Octopus card works on the Star Ferry, tram system and undergrounds.

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