China is a country of stunning natural, and man made beauty. From the picture perfect rolling hills of Guilin to the amazing cityscape of Hong Kong it really is one of the more interesting places we have ever been to. With over 1.3 billion people, China is the most populated country on the planet and you’ll notice this the moment you arrive! Mopeds are everywhere, traffic is fast paced and hectic and pollution is noticeable in the larger cities. If you look beneath the surface though, China is a country with strong traditions and the way of life and cultural differences are fascinating to any Westerner.

Home to some must see attractions China should be on everyone’s bucket list. But be warned, china is vastly different to western life. Don’t expect any toilet roll or soap in public toilets, people can seem very rude, the bus drivers will overtake on blind corners, no one speaks English and the levels of hygiene in restaurants can be extremely low in the more local towns. We even saw a rat running around when we was at (what seemed) a nice restaurant. But if this has not put you off then get out there and explore this amazing country, the Great Wall is calling.


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