The capital city of the Unite States of America. When talking to people no-one ever seems to think of Washington DC as a good destination to visit. It definately does not warrant a full holiday, but a single day here is enough to take in all the amazing monuments and memorials on offer. With it only being a four hour drive from New York City, why not go. Take a day out from your NYC trip, hire a car and explore what Washington DC has to offer, you won’t regret it.


The best thing about Washington DC is that all the things you are going to want to see are in the same location!

The White House

The White House is a magnificent building and one that is recognised all over the world. Just remember you can only get to within several hundred meters of it, behind a 10ft fence with no good places to take a photo! This is all down to security and we should respect that, just don’t go there thinking you are able to get up close and personal.

All the Monuments and Memorials

Sounds easy for us to sit here and say see “everything”, but you really can see it all in 5-6 hours. Marvel at the Washington Monument, find the states that you have visited at the World War two memorial, and see the reflection of the Lincoln Memorial in the 1.6km long pool. We could write a long article on all the memorials of Washington DC, maybe we have, checkout the blog, but not before you have added Washington DC to your itinerary.


It’s a good idea to bring a packed lunch because there is nothing but memorials and monuments in the park. If you fancy a break from it all then head just outside the park where you can find many restaurants, fast food establishments and shops.

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