Have you ever met anyone that has been to New York and said they hated it? No, neither have we and that’s why New York is on everyone’s list of destinations to visit. New York is like no other place we have been, it just has a different feel to it that is very hard to put into words. Whether you are getting lost in Central park, flying down the Hudson River in a speed boat or at the top of the Empire State Building, sometimes you just stand there in awe, not quite believing that you are finally here, finally in New York! As you can imagine, any type of food, any type of activity, New York has you covered and it’s why it’s one of the most visited destinations in the world. What are you waiting for, book your tickets!


This is probably going to be the hardest decision, what attractions of New York do we recommend.

The statue of Liberty

We don’t like to state the obvious here but everyone has to go and see the synonymous icon of NYC. But don’t follow the crowd and spend all day in a queue to get to the island, only to queue some more to go up. We took two boats out to view the statue, an adrenalin fuelled speedboat ride, and a cruise on a sailing yacht the Shearwater (this was amazing). As you drift past you can see all tourists crammed on to the island wasting a whole day when there is so much more to do!

Top of the rock

A controversial topic but like the Statue of Liberty, most people want to go up the Empire State Building and spend half the day in queue to do so. There is not a queueing system for going to the top of the Rockefeller building and you get to marvel at the empire state building whilst you are up there. You also get a spectacular view of central park. Why do people get this so wrong!

The Twin Towers Memorial

A sombre place to visit, and if you are in NYC its not a place to miss. The memorials are absolutely beautiful and reading what they signify makes them that much more special. There is quite an atmosphere here and you can still feel the pain that this disgusting act must have caused. It’s well worth reading all the literature that is freely available, if you see a white rose placed upon a name, today would have been their birthday.


Because of it’s popularity accommodation in NYC is expensive. Try to stay in Manhattan or you will be spending too much time on the trains. We booked quite late and managed to stay in the YMCA Hostel in Harlem for £45 per night for a private room with shared bathrooms. With it only being 15 minutes by tube from the bustling centre of NYC we would highly recommend checking it out.


With NYC being a melting pot for all cultures there really is nothing you cannot find. Food is generally slightly more expensive in NYC so make sure that is factored into your budget. Also make sure you don’t buy any food or drink in Times Square. They are legally allowed to inflate prices by 30%. We made a huge mistake of eating at the TGI’s in times square and having to take out a mortgage to pay for it.


The NYC subway is not going to win any awards but you are going to need use it. It’s only £22 for a week and is essential for getting up and down the length of Manhattan. For shorter journeys there are the famous yellow taxis that are in abundance but will come at a price. As you can probably guess we walked anywhere the subway could not take us, and as it turned out, this was a lot of places!

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