Unlike the last few days where we’ve been lazing around Airlie Beach lagoon, we got off our bums today for a boat trip to the Whitsunday Islands. Being a beach lover, this was something I was looking forward to as the famous Whitehaven beach is so often called the best beach in the world.

There’s so many tour options when it comes to visiting the Whitsunday’s but we ended up going on one of the speed boat options. At £75 each it was similar in price to most sailing boat day trips but with this one, as it was so much quicker, you got to see a bit more and have more snorkel time.

We boarded at 8am with a group of around 25 people and Airlie Beach’s marina was soon behind us as we were swerving in and out the waves in the open water of the Whitsunday Islands. There’s a total of 74 of these picturesque islands dotted around the coast of Queensland along the great barrier reef. The waters are shallow, warm and relatively calm so over the years they’ve been a magnet for marine life.


Geared up in our stinger suit (there’s some nasty jellyfishes around until the end of April) we jumped in to explore our first snorkel spot, Langford Bird Reef. I was surprised how shallow the waters were, the coral was literally about a meter below us most of the time. Surprisingly the fish weren’t as impressive as what we saw in Thailand but the coral was really unique, it was so diverse and colourful.

At the next snorkel spot we wasn’t disappointed, as I jumped in I was literally surrounded by thousands of fish, I could see more fish than water! Apparently the fish in this area are trained so when a boat turns up they think food is coming


It wasn’t just small fish either there was some that must have been a meter long, they circled us expecting food and soon gave up when another boat pulled up. The other boat was a private one owned by a couple who entered the water with bread and snorkelled whilst feeding them. It’s lucky they turned up as we got a great view, it was like when you throw a bit of bread to a seagull and within seconds hundreds swarm in.


Next up we docked on the famous Whitsunday Island, the largest of the 74, for a short walk up to the lookout point. From their you get the famous picture perfect, paradise-like, post card view over Whitehaven beach. It was stunning, I think I’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful beach in the whole world.


Before heading back from paradise we were given a couple of hours free time on Whitehaven beach. The other guests, who obviously don’t have a travellers budget to stick to, tucked into a buffet laid out on the boat whilst Nick and I had the culinary delights of cereal bars 🙂 The beach was unbelievable, it didn’t quite feel real because it was sooo perfect.



To avoid the heat we spent most of our 2 hours bobbing around in the sea taking in the views. We also got a hilarious show from one of the women on our trip, she literally spent about an hour getting her boyfriend to take over 100 pictures of her on the beach. She ran through EVERY single typical underwear model-like pose and even got topless at the end! He then handed her the camera and she took a big fat 2 photos of him before deciding she wanted more photos of her with a different background haha. Poor guy.