Waking up right next to one of the most beautiful lakes in New Zealand was a real treat this morning, it was somewhat distorted by the amount of condensation on the windows but still beautiful. It was dark when we arrived here yesterday so I quickly grabbed my camera and ran to the shoreline to take a few snaps, there was even a rainbow.

Hayley is on a bit on a health kick at the moment and really wants to get into running, this means I am getting roped into running so I need to find out what’s causing this insanity and put a stop to it. Because we was right on the lake we headed out for a 5k along the lake front. I really could not be bothered, I love running but ask anyone, I am not a morning person.

Once I got in to my stride the last of the morning laziness had left me and it was actually one of the most beautiful scenic runs I have done. With almost zero running since we left 8 months ago the time was quite respectable too.

We didn’t have any accommodation so had to settle for a strip down wash in the toilets of the Wanaka yacht club. Sounds lavish, but it really was not. Whilst there we also did some washing and strung it up on the line linked between the handles on the car ceiling, we are really turning this car in to our home, just need a log burner somewhere.

Wanaka is a very nice town, most certainly the nicest we have been to so far, with a great selection of shops its easy to imagine yourself settling down here later in life. We visited several hair studios before Hayley realised she could not afford to get her hair cut here, a camera shop that didn’t really sell anything other than Go-Pros, several expensive outdoor shops and finally the supermarket.

Wanting to use the free gas powered BBQ’s that we discovered this morning we got some marinated chicken skewers that were on offer (obviously) and a single premium beef burger from the delicatessen. The BBQ’s were great, a single button turns them on and off you go. Whilst we was cooking the heavens opened and limited how we could spend the afternoon.

Luckily there was a place called Puzzling World which was a centre dedicated to puzzles and illusions. It also happened to have one of the worlds first mega mazes. With entry only costing $10 it was well worth it. The first room included some very impressive holograms but the best part was the second room. A whole house tilted at 15 degrees, all the windows were kept horizontal which made us feel very queasy and was totally bazaar. People were falling all over the place and it was impossible to get your bearings and is todays main photo.

Following on from the tilted room we entered one that reminded me of a scene out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, it’s impossible to explain so just watch the video, sorry about the quality.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/x-O9bDOZB44″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Before heading for the big maze we played with some of the puzzles that were scattered across tables for everyone to have a go at. Some of these were really quite challenging! Staff were on hand to help but we were determined to crack them. Hayley was rather pleased with herself after building her wooden cube after about 20 attempts 🙂


On to the maze, the only problem was that it was all outside and it was still raining. Hayley armed with a broken brolly and me with my coat set off on what we had been advised would be an hour long task covering 5k. The area of the maze was not massive, but what makes it so challenging was having bridges that take you to completely new sections of the maze making it almost impossible to remember where you had been. Another trick up it sleeve was that you had to locate four corner towers before locating the exit. We got soaked but managed to complete it in under 30 minutes.

With the weather not easing up we decided to cut our losses and head to our next stop, Queenstown about a hour down the road, get to tonights free camp site and catch up on some blogging with Homeland thrown in for good measure.