There are so many things to do in New York! The New York City Pass is a great way to save money and cram in lots of attractions. Our list below of the top 5 things to do are all included in the pass, and whilst there’s hundreds of other options these are without doubt our top picks. Read on as I expose some secrets to help you get the most out of the pass.

Statue of Liberty by sail

There is nothing better than hitting the water on a sailing boat. Cruise down the Hudson river out to the Statue of Liberty on the classic Shearwater sailing boat. Most posts like this will tell you to go over on to Liberty Island and go up the statue, but I am strongly against that. The main reason being that when you are on Liberty island the statue is just too big to take in, and when you are at the top you could be on top of anything. Not to mention there is normally a 3 hour wait to get on the boat over to the island! Skip the lines, save time and take a fabulous sail boat trip instead.

Top of the Rockerfella

Another controversial statement, but don’t do the Empire State Building. It’s involves more horrific queues, and you don’t get the stunning views over central park! For the Rockerfella you are allotted a time slot when you buy your ticket, so you just turn up and go up. You also get to see the Empire State building in your views which you obviously would miss if you were up it!

Bike and bathe Central Park

Biking around Central Park seems like a great idea because it’s so big, and it is, but bikes are not allowed to all the good bits. Hire a bike but make sure you get a locks so you are able to park up and venture on by foot when you must. To make a great day out, pack your swimwear and a towel because there is a huge swimming pool nestled in the heart of the park and I really regret not knowing this before I set out!

Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour

Hire the bike, but ditch the tour guide. The guide we had was aweful, and there is not all that much you can’t learn from a quick visit to the Wikipedia page. Also the brige is tremendously busy so the guide will not stop, so no photos on the bridge! Rubbish. Hire a bike and make your own adventure, when you get over to Brooklyn make sure you stop off at Brooklyn Bridge Park for an amazing view across Manhattan before cycling back over the bridge.

The Beast Boat trip

Commonly overlooked for only being 45 minutes long but this speedboat ride around the Hudson river to the statue of Liberty and back is probably the most fun you will have on your trip to NYC. We only did the trip because we was passing and it was included in our NYC pass. After already being out on the water and seeing the statue we almost didn’t go, but that would have been a huge mistake! The drive is somewhat crazy and I could have sworn he was trying to tip the boat over after he said “ lets have some fun” over the loud speaker!