Today’s blog image was taken this morning on our walk from the hotel to the nearest train station. It was absolutely pouring down but the walk through Gastown was lovely at this time of day, there was nobody around, just the smell of the bakeries preparing for the day and the sound of the rain patter. The the old fashioned street lights were still on, as were the beautiful fairy lights that lit all the surrounding trees. A big difference to last night when we waded through hundreds of people and the streets were full of queues for bars.

I’m writing this on the Air Canada flight to Tokyo from 38,000 feet, currently flying past Alaska. I’m sure when we land it’ll be the start of our first culture shock and true experience of travelling. Whilst America and Canada have obviously had their subtle differences to the UK, in general they are both very similar in terms of way of life, foods, standard of living and obviously most importantly language. However, Japan is going to be a complete contrast. We’re both really looking forward to it!

Unfortunately Vancouver to Tokyo isn’t a very popular route and in order to save a couple of hundred pounds we opted for a flight with one stop. Nick and I have only ever been on direct flights so this was a first. It wasn’t too bad though, we flew for about an hour to Calgary, stopped there for 45 minutes, grabbed lunch and then hopped on this plane that’s direct to Tokyo and takes just over 10 hours. We’re also doing a bit of time travelling as we lose a day in transit, it’s a 15 hour time difference from Canada and when we land we’ll be 8 hours ahead of the UK, instead of 8 hours behind as we have been recently.

We’re armed with plenty of movies, TV shows and music so I don’t think we’ll get bored. There’s a plug socket on each seat (I’ve never had that before) so the laptops juiced up for a journey of catching up with the blog in between naps and eating plane food (which we weirdly love!).

See you in Tokyo!