I woke up in our tent again this morning after another stint of camping. This time it was at Freemont Campsite in Paradise (I’m not sure if ‘Paradise’ is a suitable name for any campsite though). We just spent one night there to break up our drive from San Fransisco to LA. The first leg of yesterdays drive was about 7 hours along the coastal route. I can’t say I saw much of this though as I swear I was asleep all day! My whole forearm has swollen up from a bite in Yosemite, the pharmacist thought it might be a spider bite (eek!) and the pills I’m taking must have made me drowsy.

The campsite was just outside Santa Barbara so we had a drive around there before heading to LA this morning. About an hour later we saw signs for Malibu Beach so I forced myself out of my sleep coma and we grabbed our beach towels for an hour by the sea. It seemed to be quite a popular surfing spot for schools, there were 3 or 4 school buses parked up and the kids were getting taught about surfing and the sea (did you know the seaweed kelp is the 2nd fastest growing plant in the world?!). We soaked up the sun whilst thinking how lucky Californian kids are, our typical school trips were to war museums, not surfing on Malibu Beach!

We finally made it to LA around mid day and checked into the Historic Hollywood Hotel. It’ll be home for the next 3 nights before we spend 2 nights in Long Beach, we then leave California to start Route 66.

We headed out to Hollywood Boulevard in the evening and had a wander around. The famous ‘walk of fame’ stars were noticeable all the way along the boulevard, apparently there are over 2500 of them, even Bugs Bunny has his own one. They’re a bit of a pain though as some people insist on laying across the floor to get pictures with them which can make walking the boulevard take twice as long!

It just so happened that there was a movie premiere for Magic Mike XXL about to happen whilst we was out! My chance to see Channing Tatum in the flesh!! But no, Nick didn’t want to wait around, so sorry Channing you’ll have to meet me another time. The Terminator Premiere is on Sunday so maybe I’ll get a peak of Arnie.

I must mention the burger we had before heading back to our hotel as it is probably the best burger I’ve ever had! It was called ‘#12’ from Johnny Rockets, I think we have these in the UK? But they’re an American Diner. It was so good, I could have eaten another one. Whilst we was eating a waitress came over and took our picture and then weirdly asked if I was single, she then tried to sell us the print out but obviously we just opted for the freebie snap (as shown above).

Now time to dream of burgers..