Thankfully we didn’t have too much planned for today because we woke up to awful weather. We shrugged it off and headed downstairs for our free breakfast that was served in the attached pub. It was very dark and dingy, we hate pubs but at least it didn’t smell of stale beer! Breakfast was not too bad, and after yesterday’s insulin spiking carb fest we both reached for the plain yogurt and added mixed fruits. We were both missing cereal and gave in to the urge! Mmmmmm Frosties, and then I had a muffin. Jesus whats wrong with me! So weak.

We headed back to the room to do some more work on the website and wait for the rain to pass, deciding to go and see the Capilano Suspension bridge later. Apparently it’s in the top 10 worlds most scariest bridges but I am sure that’s not including some home brew bridges made of vines that you can probably find the natives have made from reads in the Amazon.

Time ran away from us at the hotel it’s amazing how long it takes to produce content for the site, sort out our pictures and catch up on emails etc! We polished off the Domino’s that we had for lunch (our diet’s really taken a nose dive) and headed out to catch the free shuttle service to the park where the bridge is located.

Arriving at the entrance we were a little underwhelmed. It’s right beside a very commercial area, we was expecting a 30 minute drive down forest filled roads. Entering the park we was just in time to catch the next history tour which is every hour on the hour and I would recommend it. I learned that the bridge we see today is actually the 4th bridge. The first was built in the late 19th century after a Scotsman bought the land for $1 per acre, even back then this was seriously cheap. It was only after he built a marvellous house for his family that he realised that all the best hunting and forestry was over the other side of the river. So he went about building the first bridge made out of hemp rope! Not something you would want to cross today.

The bridge was then sold to a businessman that rebuilt it with very thin metal cable, this is when it became Canada’s first tourist attraction and it cost 10c to go across. The bridge was rebuilt one last time by the current owner with modern, thick, twisted steal cable and will hold even if the bridge is stuffed full of people and stacked 7 people high.

The tour ended at the start of the bridge, the tour guide wished us luck and off we went. If you are scared of heights I can imagine it’s absolutely terrifying. The bridge is about a meter wide and 130 meters long making it very unstable. I joined a small group of people deliberately walking very heavily and we managed to really get this thing going, so much so everyone around us started holding on for dear life! I shouldn’t laugh but watching people who are petrified is hilarious! The bridge is suspended 70 meters up so if you borrowed the statue of liberty from New York and sat it at the base of the canyon you would be staring it in the eyes as your crossed!

The current owners also built a tree walk which consists or platforms high up the trees with suspension bridges connecting them. I have never been on anything quite like it and it’s a fantastic addition to the park. After this we did the nature’s edge walk which takes you on a short walk through the rainforest, here we saw the forrest’s largest tree, Douglas Fir. It’s 1300 years old, it’s 205 ft high and 20 ft in diameter!


The latest addition to the park is the Cliff Walk and we both felt this was better than the actual bridge! The Cliff Walk is a suspended catwalk that hugs the cliff for a few hundred meters. What’s great is it’s about 70 meters above the canyon floor, with some glass floor and grated floors. There are viewing platforms that give great panoramic views of the canyon and surrounding mass of huge trees.

Wanting to see Vancouver at night we decided to stay out late. Not wanting to wander around aimlessly we booked tickets to go and see a Game Of Thrones improv show over on Granville Islands theatre. The show was fantastic and extremely funny, it’s been running since April and tomorrow is it’s last night so we’re lucky we caught it. The only downside being a huge spoiler on how season 5 ends (we are on episode 6)! The evening walk home was uneventful but we did stop and get some of the ‘best cheesecake in Vancouver.’ from Trees Organic in Gastown. We even managed to walk through our rough neighbourhood without any problems. The original plan was to get a taxi but that’s what paid for the cheesecake 🙂