I finally got to enjoy the buffet breakfast at the hotel this morning without my stomach cramping up on me. We talk about food way too much on this blog so I won’t go into detail, but WOW, what a spread. I wish we could stay 5* more often.

The plan today was to check out Gardens By The Bay, the most highly rated thing to see in Singapore. They call Singapore ‘The Garden City’ and it’s no wonder why, this place is full of gardens, parks and wildlife and The Gardens by The Bay are just one of the many green areas. Wanting to get there a bit later in the day though to enjoy the light show, we decided to explore a few other areas first. One area that was said to be worth a visit was Raji Lane and the surrounding streets. This is an upcoming area that’s full of quirky little arts and crafts shops as well as boutique clothing stores and unusual cafes and restaurants. It was a pleasant walk that felt more European than Asian, the roads were narrow and were full of multicoloured converted townhouses.


Nick’s been needing a haircut for a while now so we popped into the first barbers we saw. He didn’t much like the £17 price tag after paying £2 in Thailand but they did a very good job. Somehow we managed to spend over an hour and a half in the barbers and the day seemed to have disappeared when we got out. Time must have flown for me as I spent it playing with Toby, a 3 month old ginger cat that lived in the barbers 🙂


With Nick trimmed up we thought we best had to The Gardens now as time was getting on. The popular Wealth Fountain was close by though so we stopped off there en route. This is basically a large fountain in the middle of a shopping centre. It was built in 1988 and holds the world record for the largest fountain in the world It is said that you get good luck if you touch the water, so I’ll be expecting a flurry of money into my account tomorrow.

The Gardens By The Bay are mainly free, just like the Botanical Gardens we visited yesterday, however you have to pay to enter the two domes. These are quite pricey at around £25 for the two of us but come highly recommend so we forked out. You could probably spend all day just walking around the free parts of the gardens. They offer some amazing views of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel as they are literally below it and the whole area is immaculately maintained and full of colourful tropical plants.

The first dome we went to was called Clouds in the Sky. Those pesky goosebumps I thought I’d left in the UK came back as soon as we entered, this place is freezing! The dome is cleverly designed so that warmer climates are experienced towards the top of the dome whilst it is kept more mild down below. This is done on purpose so they can grow different plants in their ideal conditions. 


Next up was the flower dome. This dome was slightly smaller (and warmer), it was split into different areas that represented flowers from different countries. There must have been a million flowers in this dome, I’ve never seen so many! My plant knowledge is pretty limited so unfortunately I can’t tell you much about what we saw, only that they were very colourful and pretty 🙂 sorry.

Before venturing back to our hotel we joined the crowds to watch this evenings garden light show. This free show happens every evening beneath Marina Bay Sands hotel and is a must see. Each of the  tree like structures are lit up in vibrant colours and dance to the music. The backdrop of the dark night sky along with the beautifully lit iconic boat like hotel were beautiful. To top it off we did the garden’s ‘Skywalk’ afterwards, this is a short walk along a suspended bridge that joins each of the 50 meter high trees together. The views from up there were breathtaking and this coupled with the light show were my highlight of Singapore, so far.