Feeling like we were getting somewhere with the new website yesterday, we were up and back at it again this morning. Luckily the capsule hotel has a large lobby with lots of sofas and Wi-fi for us to make use of. There’s the odd smelly person in there but apart from that it’s pleasant enough, it helps that I can download films there in less than 10 mins 🙂

So after fighting with the website for a good 4 hours we just had to admit defeat! There is so much more we need to learn, knowing just the basics isn’t going to be enough to get the site looking professional. Before giving up we read a few blogs about fusion builder which appeared to make things look easier. We then realised our Avada theme was too old and after flaffing around for another hour we got it updated and fusion builder popped up. Progress! Albeit small progress.

It’s our last night in Tokyo and there was a few sites left to see. Firstly we headed to the Tokyo Skytree. It looks a little like the CN tower in Toronto but a bit more elegant. Unfortunately it was a dull day so our pictures probably don’t do it justice. There’s loads to see and do around the tower, lots of exhibitions, restaurants and bars. The exhibitions were quite strange to us, there were crazy looking life size characters jumping around the place. Having been in Japan for a week now, we should probably accept this is just normal over here, they love their cartoon type characters!


Whilst in the Skytree area we had our first Japanese meal in the building adjoining the tower. There was 2 levels of restaurants to pick from but finding somewhere with an English menu proved tricky! The place we settled on was very unique, we sat directly in front of the chefs and watched as they cooked. Not really knowing what to order, we just got 5 various dishes, one being a Japanese take on pizza (Okonomiyaki)! Obviously this was too much and we had to leave some. I seemed to have provided some entertainment for the chefs whilst there as they laughed when I had to ask for a knife and fork. I was getting nowhere with the chop sticks!

Before heading home we visited the Tokyo Tower. This is a replica of the Eiffel Tower and it looked lovely in the dark night sky with the colourful orange and white lights illuminating it. The restaurants around the tower looked very luxurious, there was a number of taxis arriving with people dressed very elegantly heading for dinner. Obviously we had no chance in our flip flops and wet hair so we headed back via the last sight on our list, The Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge connects the Northern parts of Tokyo Bay. It must look like any other bridge in the day time but at night it comes alive with multicoloured lights from start to finish. We viewed it from west side at a small platform on one of the piers in the Minato area. This may not have been the best spot as we were quite far away but we got some great sights none the less! There were lots of dinner boat cruises lighting up the river and in the distance we could see the huge ferris wheel and the Telecom Centre which were both impressively lit up and cycled through different colours.


There’s not much recommendation for the bay area online when it comes to Tokyo, I guess it doesn’t look all that in the day time as it’s a port and heavily industrial. However, at night I’d recommend a walk around the piers to take in the views of the bridge and surrounding lights. We wish we had another night to explore the other side of the bay!