There is no mistaking it, we are cheap skates and don’t like paying for anything. When we was in Las Vegas we loved the Las Vegas app because there was a “freeloader” section and we literally just ticked it all off like a list and it really helped us out. Arriving in Sydney we knew that we was on a tight budget for the 27 days we have in Australia so couldn’t do some of the ‘must do’ attractions like walking on the top of the Harbour Bridge or getting a tour of the Opera House, but we got very close to both and didn’t spend a penny.

This post feels slightly strange to write because if you have spent thousands of pounds to get to Australia, a few hundred more on activities probably wont even register, however if you are travelling and got here from someone where close by like Asia, this might be a good guide to help you seek out some of the best Sydney freebies.

1) Bondi Beach and the Coastal Walk

One of the most famous beaches in the world for surfers, this long stretch of golden sand is a definite must do whilst you are in Sydney. However to tick it off as a free activity you will have a 1.5 hour walk from the central Sydney, or you can fork out the £1.50 for the bus. Be sure to pack your swimwear and lots of sun cream, there is only a small patch of shade. Don’t forget to grab a Harrys Café De Wheels famous pie whilst you are there to tuck into whilst watching the surfers.

The coastal walk from Bondi to Congee beach is beautiful and if you can tear yourself away from Bondi it’s worth making the 4km walk. There’s a few beaches along the way for you to take a dip and cool off. Towards the end of the walk there’s a cemetery that overlooks the sea that’s quite remarkable.


2) Up close and personal with the Sydney Opera House

You will probably already have this on your list, who goes to Sydney and avoids the opera house. However if you are trying to keep on budget and don’t fancy splashing out on a tour you can still get very close to the action and walk the perimeter of the buildings. I would highly recommend heading there at dusk so you can experience all the ladies and gentlemen all dressed up ready to see a show, close your eyes and imagine you are going too 🙂

3) Mrs Maquarie’s Chair

Mrs Maquarie’s Chair is a viewing area just east of the opera house and gives you probably the best view of the opera house and the harbour bridge. You will need to strap on your walking shoes as well for this one, but its not very far and the walk is mostly through parkland and along the shoreline. I would advise heading there after dark so you can see both the opera house and bridge lit up or take a picnic blanket just before sunset so you can experience both.


4) The Rocks and the Rocks Museum

The Rocks is defiantly an area you will want to visit when in Sydney, the beautiful streets, quaint shops and bustling atmosphere make it a must. To really learn of the importance of The Rocks it is worth heading to the free museum which covers much more than just The Rocks and is a good way to avoid the mid day sun.

5) Walking over the Harbour Bridge

Sorry, more walking, it is the only free method of transportation other than hitch hiking! Walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a fantastic way to spend a few hours. You get stunning views of opera house and get to marvel at all the steelwork that makes up the bridge. Once on the other side you are rewarded with even more great views of the bridge and opera house that is not spoiled by thousands of tourists.


6) Darling Harbour

Another one for the list if you are stuck for things to see and do. There is nothing ground breaking here but there is a large marina museum (not free) and several large naval ships and submarines that you can see as you walk around. Darling Harbour boasts many bars and restaurants and is well worth a look if you have the time.

Have I missed something? If you know of anything else that’s worth adding to the list please let me know in the comments below.