Yesterday was the last morning with the parents and our plan was to drive to the airport with them and then catch the bus to Krabi whist they flew to Bangkok. We managed to find the bus stop but had to wait an hour for the next bus, luckily the bus that stopped was air-conditioned, apparently some are not! The journey only took three hours, not the four we thought and costing only £4 per person the bus is by far the cheapest way to travel in Thailand. Hoping off with four other backpackers we shared a large Tuk Tuk to Ao Nang where we needed to catch a boat to Tonsai Bay.

The boat was on the beach, with no jetty, so we had to wade out to the sea fully clothed to get on board, not something you want to do if you have large suit cases. We met a Russian couple on the boast called Max and Daria who had met two years ago at Tonsai and were now back on their honeymoon, climbing. They asked if we was here to climb and I explained that I only had shoes and a chalk bag so would try some bouldering. They kindly offered to meet us on the beach the next morning so they could show us the best spots.

Deciding to just have a relaxing evening we explored Tonsai Bay and found that it was really small, there are no cars here which make it seem like a small paradise away from civilisation. The pathways are mostly dirt, and the floors of the bars and restaurants are just dirt, but if you can handle that it’s a wonderful place to be. We managed to get to the beach just as the sun was setting and it has to be one of the most spectacular places to watch the sunset.

Setting off to find Max and Daria, I spent the morning climbing, check out my blog post about Climbing in Tonsai. After climbing we headed to Railay Beach which is the more popular tourist area, it turns out that only climbers really stay in Tonsai and you can kind of understand why, it’s a bit grubby in places, but much cheaper. The Beach at Railay is stunning and is great for swimming, the sand is soft and the water is really warm, even Hayley found it warm. If you are thinking about staying in either location we would recommend staying in Railay, it’s cleaner, more developed and the beach is in a different league but if you are a climber it has to be Tonsai, everyone is a climber and all the bars have slacklines.

Suitably cooled off from the swim we set of again so Max and Daria could show us Railay East and a small little cove called Phra Nang. Phra Nang was a beautiful quaint little beach and one of my favourite spots here, we swam round to a small cove and ventured off in to the caves and found a way out to the sea for a swim as the heavens opened and it started pouring with rain.


We stayed here for a few hours and bought some chicken from a boat merchant, I don’t know what sauce it was in but it was amazing, but you have to watch out for the monkeys, if they saw you with food it was game over!


On the way back something disastrous happened, my 8 year old flip flops finally gave up on me! I don’t know if I will ever be able to find flip flops that are as comfortable. I managed to pick up an interim pair but being in the middle of nowhere they cost £5, so I will use them until they break, which probably wont be long, they’re rubbish.

We met up with Max and Daria for dinner at Mama’s Chicken which was nothing more than a very large shack with an assortment of plastic tables and chairs. But to our surprise the food was outstanding, Hayley had the best Chicken and Cashew nuts she has ever had and it was ridiculously cheap at £2.20. We will be going back tomorrow night. Stuffed to bursting we headed to the Chill Out bar for a few drinks and to use the Wi-Fi as our hotel did not have any. To use the Wi-Fi you have to order a drink and naturally the only choice was to have a Black Russian in honour of your new Russian friends. We spent and hour or so playing on the slackline and then headed for an early night to meet again for more climbing tomorrow morning.


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