Today is the day that we started Route 66. We dropped off the Golf and picked up a white Ford Mustang that had only covers 2000 miles. We don’t think it’s a big V8 but I’m not going to look and just pretend that it is. Off we go!

Ok I looked, its a 3.7 V6, so not too bad. We decided to skip the “original LA Route 66 roads” because LA is a massive pain in the ass to drive in and we just wanted to get out. We had already visited the little “end of” Route 66 shop on the Pier of Santa Monica when we had a day on the beach. The first real section of Route 66 was just outside LA near Victorville and after only a few miles on the road we came across loads of Route 66 branded shops and restaurants. We soon hit Oro Grande and that’s where todays blog photos was taken.

We was navigating via google maps. We found that if we looked at the whole route in detail on WiFi we could still see if offline. However Google need to make an update, soon after leaving Oro Grande we came to a huge road block manned by police. I pulled up and asked if he needed to see both our ID’s, he said yes and asked where are we going. He let out a little chuckle when I said we are driving Route 66. Turns out we were et an army base!

After not quite getting arrested for trying to break in to a US army base we put a few more miles under our belt and past Barstow, where Roman Pierce (Fast and the Furious) was from “I aint going back to Barstow”. Anyway we were getting hungry so decided to pull over and crack out the new cooking stove that we wished we had bought before Yosemite! It was well over 100F so found a nice little shady spot under a bridge. That meal only cost us $0.40 and its was delicious, we both love noodles!

Once we got back on the road we was running next to a train line for miles and miles. We looked in the distance and saw a cargo train winding its way down the track towards us. It was so long that it was quite a sight. It passed us moving very slowly, <15mph, and we was traveling 70mph, and it still clocked .9 of a mile on the speedo. So a quick bit on maths later, this train is more then a mile long. We must have passed 5 more after this and saw that that they where pulled by 3 or 4 engine trains at the front. Crazy.

Its not all easy going on Route 66 however. We hit a patch of road that was about 10 miles long and needed seriously resurfacing. We could only go about 30mph and were swerving all over the road trying to avoid the larger potholes, and the noise was seriously annoying! it felt like it went on forever but then it went to fresh new ash felt and it was euphoria like I can’t describe. We clicked the cruise control back up to 65 and pressed on to our next stop, Needles.

Needles was a fantastic little town with some quaint little Route 66 signs and memorabilia. We stopped at a nice Route 66 bench and sign and took a photos. Because the bench was made from concrete and it was 116F Hayley sat down in tiny shorts and burt her bum and jumped straight back up. It was hilarious!

We finally arrived in our overnight town, Kingman. Obviously we booked the cheapest motel at £27 and it was interesting. The rooms were painted half dark green and half light blue which made them very dark. They had also had “new plumbing” which was the worst plumbing I had EVER seen. It was basically all plastic flexi pipe with push fit connectors sprawled everywhere, and they where leaking! We got our room changed and the guy said “This is our nice room”, great i thought, free upgrade. The plumbing in here was probably worse. It was hilarious. The beds were clean though and the water was not brown so for £27 it was a winner.