After surviving the night on the sleeper train we disembarked quite excited because we was going straight to iResort, a mudding spa where we were set to have our first mud bath! Walking out of the train station we were soon swarmed by people offering to take us anywhere we wanted to go, but I wanted to quickly jump on the Wi-Fi and see how far our destination was to haggle a good price. Whilst I was looking at my phone Hayley was asking one taxi driver how much it would be to iResort, his response was 400,000 dong (about £12), I laughed at him and pulled Hayley away but he followed trying to justify his ludicrous price. Another taxi driver then pulled up and asked where we wanted to go, this guys price was 150,000 dong (about £4.50) which sounded about right so we jumped in. This was the moment our follower started going absolutely mental. The new taxi started shouting back and after spatting for a few minutes turned around and said if he takes us he will need to pay this guy off, apparently he was a well know dodgy character who tricked tourists into paying over the odds and then took them on the back of a motorbike. We could have just got out the taxi and found another but thought it best to get out of there asap so paid a little extra. iResort soon took our mind off the crook, it felt very luxurious and was in a beautiful setting. There are loads of package options, but being on a budget we paid for the lowest package that included a mud bath, £9. We headed straight for mudding and to my amazement they replace the mud for each person, but then I noticed it wasn’t thick mud, like I was expecting, but more muddy water. I suppose you get what you pay for, but I was happy, like a pig in mud (sorry, had to!). I went for a full “head under” dunk and soon realised it was going to take me forever to get all the mud out of my ears to hear again properly. Before we knew it our 20 minutes were up and it was into the showers to rinse off. The staff will not let you out until every spec of mud was off, we both got sent back in for 2nd showers! Once totally mud free we was able to fully explore the resort and all its pools, we are not sure how many there are but some are warm, some are cold and a lot of them have artificial waterfalls powerful enough to knock you off your feet. I even managed to find two water slides, but don’t get excited, they are more aimed at young children, but that didn’t stop me. After checking out most of the pools we settled down to relax and read, Hayley choosing to be in the sun. I don’t know how hot it was today but it must have been very hot as I’ve never heard Hayley say she was looking forward to the next cloud!
As we couldn’t check into our hotel until late afternoon we decided to spend most of the day lounging around iResort. They have a restaurant in there so we grabbed another fix of Chicken with lemongrass and chilli, which has become my Vietnamese staple dish by the way, and spent a few hours in and around the pools. The whole resort is lined with palm trees, sand and sun lounging areas, it’s easy to think you’re at the beach. I think they also have a hotel on resort so if your planning a visit to Nha Trang I’d recommend it.

Arriving at our hotel we decided to check out the area and started to realise that Nha Trang is basically Benidorm for the Russians. It was very commercial and all restaurants were greeting us in Russian. It was very bizarre and nothing like the quaint little town of Hoi An. Nha Trang is famous for its beaches though and they didn’t disappoint, a long sandy beach stretched for as far as the eye could see so we’re looking forward to checking it out tomorrow. This travelling lark can be hard work 🙂