We finally found somewhere cheap to eat yesterday (something that is proving difficult in Mexico!). So the day was started at the bakery loading up on cheap carbs that left us feeling very bleurgh as we got back on our bikes. We were riding to the grand cenote this morning, it’s about 5km from our hotel and we wanted to get there for opening time at 8am so it was an early start.

We had never been to a cenote before and finding things we haven’t seen or done is starting to become rare so we were quite excited. A cenote is basically a freshwater sinkhole that is formed after surrounding limestone collapses. This happens very gradually over tens of thousands of years and causes water that was previously underground to see the day of light. There is a few of them around Tulum and other areas of Mexico but the Grand Cenote is said to be the best by many.

After having a freezing cold shower before entering I was expecting the water in the cenote to be just a cold, so being a wimp and never being able to gradually get in cold water, I went for it and just jumped in. Surprisingly it was much warmer than the showers, despite a lot of it being in the shade. We had our snorkels on and were amazed to see a little turtle within 5 seconds of getting in. The cenote is said to be full of turtles and fish but I wasn’t expecting to see any.


Getting there early really paid off as we were 2 of only about 10 people there. This meant the turtles were happily swimming around with us and we got up close with about 5 of them before they started hiding in the caves as the day went on and the cenote got more busy.

The water in the cenote was crystal clear and all the cave systems, rocks and small fish were clearly visible everywhere. Some of the views were amazing when the sun shone through and lit up the stalactites that hung down 2-3 meters beneath the water. There is one passage through the caves that you can swim through, this was absolutely full of fish although the noise of the bats above was a little scary!


After about 1.5 hours of snorkelling my body was giving up and I was starting to shiver so we called it a day. On the way out we noticed a little area you can’t swim in that was full of turtles, one of the baby ones was literally the size of a 50p coin, so cute.


So all in all a good way to spend a few hours and well worth the £6 each. We really enjoyed it and was surprised how different it was to snorkelling in the sea. Plus, I like turtles 🙂

We didn’t do much for the rest of the day. But we did get excited when we got back to find we had made our 2nd sale in 2 days on the Gladiator Gear website. We then got a pizza but our lack of Spanish meant we ended up with this crazy pizza with every topping possible on it and about 1000 olives splattered on top. It was a bit cold by the time we’d picked off all the olives 🙁

In the evening we watched a film called Parallels, which if you haven’t seen it, has the worst ending ever. We ended up Googling it and apparently the bad ending is because Fox initially wrote it as a TV series pilot then decided not to release it, so now we’ll never know what happens, grrr.