Forget digital marketing and property investment, Tokyo has made it clear that my next job should be running a ‘cat cafe’. I dragged Nick to one of these today in Shinjuku, Tokyo having read about them online. A cat cafe is basically a place where Japanese people go to spend time relaxing with cats. It sounds really strange, and it was one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had! These cat cafes are really popular across Tokyo and apparently there are rabbit ones too! It was around £5 each per hour and then £1.50 for a pot of chicken if you wanted to feed them. We worked out the owners must be making well over £150 an hour. So don’t be surprised if I convert our home into a cat cafe when we get back to the UK 🙂

If you want a glimpse into the Cat Cafe check out this 1 minute video:

For those of you who aren’t crazy cat ladies, you probably want to hear what else we got up to today. It started with the Tokyo Imperial Palace gardens, these are the largest gardens in Tokyo and the most impressive we’ve seen so far. Full of ponds, traditional Japanese trees, exotic flowers and home to The Emporer of Japan, the palace gardens are a must visit for a full experience of traditional Japenese landscaping.

Following our interesting meal at the Vampire themed cafe a few days ago we thought we’d try the Capcom bar for lunch today (mainly because I love Street Fighter). The room was themed with lots of Capcom character plush teddies and had PS4’s at each table with their latest games. It was pretty disappointing though, the food was bad and the atmosphere didn’t match the Vampire Cafe from the other night.

In the evening we checked out the Shibuya Crossing, a famous 4 way pedestrian crossing beneath some of the brightest lights in Tokyo (a bit like Times Square or Piccadilly Circus). All the traffic stops at the same time and there is a just a sea of hundreds of people crossing in all directions, it’s crazy, but very organised! Moments later the the lights go red and traffic starts hurling through. Check out the 10 second video:

The Tokyo Government building in Shinjuku allows you free access to their 45th floor for great views across the city. There’s other options like The Skytower or Tokyo Tower but we went for the free option, obviously. As it was free I wasn’t expecting much but to my surprise I was taken aback by the views, they were amazing! The whole floor is a viewing deck so you have a 360 view across Tokyo. Dare I say it, but I think it beat New York’s skyline. You can really appreciate just how huge the city is up there, skyscrapers span as far as your eyes can see, all lit up beautifully.

There’s also a restaurant up there called ‘Good View’ (what a unique name!) which had tables looking out over the skyline. It looked really lavish but surprisingly the menu was very cheap so we’ll try it out for dinner tomorrow. That’s if we’re allowed in, even our ‘best’ clothes are an embarrassment :/