Our plan today was to drive down to Key West as it’s our last day with the car. We woke up to very overcast and rainy skies but decided to go anyway.. The drive from our motel in Homestead is about 2.5 hours and although I nodded off for parts of it, it’s a very nice drive down. We went over the famous 7 mile bridge with lovely views out to sea either side. It was surprising how blue the water was even though there was no sun, I bet it’s lovely on a good day.

Key West itself is fairly small when you get to the furthest point. It’s a very touristy town made up of streets of B&B’s and little cafes and restaurants. It’s quite an unusual place and whilst all the big wooden houses make it feel very American, it’s quite unique compared to other places in the US we’ve visited. It’s also home to the most Southern point of America, there’s a big statue to mark this but as there was a queue of over 100 people to get their photo taken with it we gave it a miss.


We naively thought we would just park up and go for a wander about. However, when we did park up a guy started talking to us and told us how some of the roads were closed off for a parade today. That might explain why the hotel prices were so expensive this weekend! He also told us it was the sort of parade where we’ll see a lot of naked people so we set off not really knowing what to expect!

I still have no idea what this parade was for, maybe halloween as it’s Halloween weekend? Although there didn’t seem to much of a theme to what most people were wearing. There was anything from Superman and Ironman to just plain weird and creepy outfits. Having your body spray painted seemed popular, there was numerous shops offering painting and some of the patterns and designs of things like tigers were actually really impressive. Their naked bodies underneath were not so impressive though, we saw some really nasty sights!


The guy above guy who was in Wendy’s whilst we were there was fully naked and painted head to toe as some sort of green monster with pumpkins on him. His back read ‘squeeze my pumpkins’ ewww, enough to put everyone off their food. The average age was about 50 and it seemed like an escape for the oldies to let it all flop out in public, I really don’t think we were supposed to be there but a memorable last day in America for sure 🙂