Want to save money when you travel? Of course you do. We’ve been globetrotting for 3 months now and being the cheapskates we are, we’ve tried to save money and travel cheaply at every stage! Hopefully you can do the same with some of these top money saving travel tips!

1) Travel light

Whilst it’s tempting to travel with your suitcase in tow, complete with all the ‘essentials’ you’ve become accustomed to. It’s not necessary and I quickly realised how little you actually need to get by. Whilst it would be nice to have my full wardrobe with me, a variety of shoes, bags and my hair straighteners, I don’t miss any of it.

By travelling light with a backpack appropriately sized for cabin storage you can save on the hefty checked baggage costs. If you’re going to travel the world it’s likely you’ll be hopping on and off flights. Checked baggage can cost up to £70 so just imaGine the costs over your whole trip! Ouch.

 2) Make the most of loyalty schemes

You’re traveling so obviously you’ll be spending daily on accommodation, transport, food and activities. Make the most of this and ensure you’re getting something back, no matter how small, whether it be credit card cash back or air miles.

Our personal favourite is hotels.com. For every 10 nights we book, we get 1 night free. So in the space of 1 month we generally get 3 nights free – that’s 10% of our entire accommodation fees completely free!

3) Use the right credit card

Do your research before you leave home. It’s likely your existing bank will charge a fee every time you withdraw money abroad and also when you pay over the counter. These costs escalate quickly! And they’re unnecessary.

A credit card is safer than a debit card, you’ll be protected against fraud which is a big plus when away from home. Try and find a card that allows free withdrawals and purchases. When we left the UK there was only 2 providers offering this, Halifax’s Clarity card and one from the Post Office. Snap them up before they discontinue.

 4) Complain

Ok, so don’t just complain for complaining sake. Nobody likes a moaner. But, if something really isn’t up to expectations (and this will happen a lot!), don’t be afraid to complain.

It’s not very British and it took us a while before we plucked up the courage to complain. So far we’ve got 2 free meals and a free nights hotel from it though!

5) Be flexible

If like us your travel plans are fairly loose. You can really benefit from last minute bookings on hotels and flights. If it doesn’t matter if you fly out on the 6th or 10th for example, you’ll often find prices varying by hundreds! Likewise, if flying at an unsociable hour or having a connecting flight doesn’t bother you, do it, and reap the savings 🙂

If you have any other tips to travel cheaply we’d love to hear them in the comments below.