So today was supposed to be a beach day, wahoo we could do with nice relaxing day. The problem turned out to be the weather. It was really hot and sunny at the hotel, but LA is so huge the weather can change. It took us over an hour to get to the Santa Monica Beach due to traffic and when we got there it was overcast and windy. Bit of a cockup we thought. We drove through Beverly Hills on the way so decided to retrace our path and take a look at how the rich and famous live.

After nearly crashing the car several times due to the stupid traffic system we managed to park just at the top of Rodeo Drive and near the Beverly Hills sign. Rodeo Drive was very lavish, one of the stores for example (Bijan) can only be entered if you have an appointment and put down a $1,500 deposit – needless to say, we didn’t go in! At the end of Rodeo drive is the famous Beverley Wilshire Hotel where Pretty Woman was filmed. We had a look around the shops inside and went to the bathrooms (they where a nice change from what we have been used to!). On the walk back to the car we found a really cool tree that was perfect for climbing. 🙂

Hayley found a Groupon voucher for a deluxe city tour, taking in all Hollywood and Beverly Hills had to offer, including some of the houses owned by the stars. We got to see the House where MJ passed and the actual gates where the ambulance exited. Another interesting one was Tom Cruise’s house, we could see someone running on a treadmill through the window but we think he was a bit stocky to be Tom, maybe he is beefing up for his next movie? Some of the other houses we saw included Leonardo Dicaprios’, Katy Perry’s, Justin Timberlake’s and the former home of Elvis, which was by far the biggest (this is now owned by the founder of REDKEN hair products, Paula Kent). The tour lasted 2 hours and only cost us £11 each!

Once the tour was done we set back off on the 1 hour and 10 minute walk back to our hotel and found a street that must had had the entire LAPD parked up. We had no idea what was going on, but the police helicopter was up and there was a guy in hand cuffs. We must have just missed all the commotion but it made the walk home a little more bearable. Police chases and sirens seem the norm in LA each night!