To be honest we both completely forgot it was Valentines day when we woke up this morning. It took me about half hour to remember and I’m pretty sure Nick would have gone all day without realising 🙂 Like Christmas, we didn’t plan to celebrate Valentines and as we have no space for things we can’t exactly buy each other anything to keep. So instead I just got Nick a number of edible items and hid them around our ‘room’ (more of a portacabin), he was like a kid at Christmas when he found the Nutella!

The owner of the motel we’re staying at recommended a hike in the area called Roberts Peak. It was supposingly a 5 hour return trip and as it stays light here until 9.30pm we thought we’d set off around 3pm to get back for dinner. Other than a few small walks over the past few days we haven’t done a ‘proper’ hike since we were in Banff, Canada. That was 6 months ago so I was a little apprehensive about how my legs were going to hold out! In fact come to think of it we have barely done any walking whilst in Asia, it’s been so cheap that using a moped or the metro has been much easier. Where as in America and Canada we were walking about 6 miles a day.

As predicted, within 10 minutes of today’s hike we were puffing and panting. It started of fairly leisurely and flat through the forrest but quickly became very steep. It wasn’t long until we we were sweaty and red faced. One thing we did like about the hike was the long, narrow suspension bridges that joined much of the route together. One of them must have been around 70 meters long, it’s a good job we’re not scared of heights as it was really wobbly. It wasn’t much different to the Capilano suspension bridge near Vancouver that we paid £40 to go and see.


Like most of the hikes that finish with amazing views, it was probably 90% uphill so we did have a couple of pit stops. We were sitting on a rock enjoying the views at one point when a Belgium lady stopped to take a photo of us. She kindly took one on our camera afterwards which gives you a good idea of the views on the way up..

roberts peak rock

We made it to the top in about 2hrs 15mins which wasn’t too bad considering we probably spent 10 minutes chatting to the Belgium lady. The viewpoint at the top was just a small decked area with an undisturbed 360 degree view over Franz Joseph. There was an amazing view of the glacier to one side and streams running through the never ending greenery to the other. We stopped up there for a while getting our breath back whilst chatting to a couple from the UK. They managed to get up to the top in 1hr 50mins, show offs 🙂


The rest of the evening was spent with some of my favourite things.. a hot shower, spaghetti bolognese, Dairy Milk and a few episodes of Homeland.