I think we had almost forgotten what its like to sleep in a nice place. There was no crashing and banging, no cars revving outside and best of all no horrible smells. In the morning we was greeted by the lovely aroma of bacon and eggs, what a treat! We scurried down stairs to find the table all laid out for us and a delicious strawberry and banana smoothie. I think this is when it dawned on us that we would be leaving Toronto weighing a few stone more than when we arrived!

Next stop on the perfectly planned itinerary, thanks to Myra (Hayley’s aunt), was Melissa and Scott’s (Hayley’s cousins). I attended their wedding last year in Mexico where Scott and I danced extensively with maracas so I was looking forward to seeing them again, as well as their new recruit (baby) Olivia. Mellissa’s Dad Ben and step mum Lynn were over too so we all got to have a much needed catch up.

Shortly after we arrived we got introduced to the infamous apple tree from hell. This took up their entire garden and so far this year has dropped 33 sacks worth of apples. Sounds like a gold mine to me but they fall from the tree before they are ripe and splatter everywhere. What a pain in the backside. They have a great idea to remove the tree and put in a pool, so we are already planning our next visit. There was also a walnut tree in the garden, and I like walnuts, so I thought I would go all Ray Meers and eat a raw walnut, this turned out to be quite the undertaking. Firstly you have to get off all the husk, I just about managed this with a knife from the kitchen. Then you have to break open the shell, for this Scott took me down to the basement and supplied a hammer. Once I cracked open the shell all I could find was mush. Apparently you have to dry out the nut in its shell for weeks, you learn something new everyday. If you are going to try this, wear gloves, my hands still have black stains 4 days later!

The idea was to have a light lunch and then on to Leanne and Jason’s (another cousin of Hayley’s) for take away in the evening. We realised this might be a problem when we saw how much food Melissa had prepared. It was never ending and delicious, so we could not help stuffing our faces. We knew we would not be able to eat much later and the guilt increased with each mouthful. Suitably stuffed we helped pack away all the dishes, but then to our surprise, and something we have never heard of before, an ice cream cake was produced. Apparently they are from Dairy Queen which is defiantly a place that we intend to visit before leaving. The desert didn’t stop there as hot sponge cake then emerged from the oven, sorry Leanne and Jason, we really are not going to eat anything!

We headed back to Zita’s house to have a little sit down and freshen up but before I knew it we was on the move again. Noooo I pleaded, we need more time to digest this monstrous lunch but we was already late!

As soon as I was in the door I was on the floor allowing little jack to show me all his toy cars. He was going through potty training and each time he was good he got a car. This little guy must have been a pro, I have never seen so many cars, and all perfectly lined up as well. Then the moment we had been dreading, Leanne arrived with the food and we started to get a more and more nervous, there was a lot. We sat down at the table, Zita, Hayley, Ben, Lynn and myself all exchanging awkward looks, each one of is knowing the other was still stuffed!

But we began, and suddenly we was eating more and more, it was as if we has a second stomach that was not effected by the first meal. That was short lived and the familiar feeling of gluttony returned. Then came more deserts, I have no idea how but I managed to fit in a Corneto type ice cream cone, and then a fruit lolly. We then rolled out on to the balcony to enjoy the last of the evening sun and little Mia made us both a drawing of an elephant and dolphin. She signed it so when she is a famous artist we can say we had the first signed piece. It was getting late and Zita was insisting that we leave so Jason and Leanne could get ready for work the next day, Leanne started to protest but Zita was having none of it.

Back to a comfortable bed, yes please!