As predicted we spent the whole of yesterday in bed. Neither of us felt up to leaving the hotel and we could barely touch a thing at breakfast (if you know us, you’ll know this is rare!). We were gutted as there is so much we want to see in Singapore and we’ve basically wasted our first two days. We still weren’t 100% this morning but we forced ourselves out to visit the famous Botanical Gardens. We had read online that you can easily loose a whole day in there and thought it would be a good, easy way, to get back in to the swing of things.

The gardens are completely free and very well maintained, Singapore is feeling more and more like Japan with each passing day, we love it. Rubbing our upset tummies we got into a habit of walking for 20 minutes and then resting on a bench, just like the elderly. Not sure if we were hungry or just having another stomach cramp we decided to risk getting some food half way round. We ended up with a £3.50 sandwich and began missing the cheap prices we’ve become used to across Asia.

The majority of the Botanical Gardens are free but there is one area you have to pay to enter. This area is much smaller but houses a huge array of orchids and and other tropical plants that are full of colour. Due to them accepting Hayley’s expired student card we managed to get in for £3, not bad. It really was worth the money and took the beauty to a whole new level. One of our favourite sections was the “Cold Room”, a large refrigerated green house were they simulated the cold at high altitude to grow some of the plants found on the mountains. I am not sure if we were in here for the plants, or to get away from the hot humid weather outside!


After a hot sticky day we decided it would be nice to go back to the Hotel, freshen up and get a decent meal. A decent meal in Singapore is likely to set you back £50 though so we ended up at the local food hall where I couldn’t resist a grabbing a Pad Thai and reminiscing about Thailand. Hayley was still a little off so she just got some rice to keep her tummy happy.

As evening was drawing in one of the top places to explore at night was downtown, this is where the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel is situated and surrounded by the famous Singapore skyline. Knowing there was a water and lights show on at 7:45 it actually worked out perfectly and we arrived just in time to get a front row spot. The show was not something I had seen before, large water cannons created a fine mist and then very powerful projectors used this mist as a screen to project the show. With added fire and lasers it made for great watching and I would highly recommend it.

Walking around the bay we got to cross the Helix Bridge, this was inspired by the structure of DNA and when lit at night looks like no other bridge I’ve seen before. Walking across the bridge you get great views of the surrounding sites like the uniquely shaped arts and science museum and the Singapore equivalent of the London Eye.


Once over the bridge we got to see the water theatre and performers practising for what must be Chinese New Year celebrations. The whole area was beautifully lit with lanterns and monkey themed balloons. Just over from the theatre is the famous Singapore Merlion statue that is synonymous.


Surprisingly Singapore feels very relaxed and calm, even downtown in this popular area, it’s not busy and you can enjoy a leisurely walk under the lights of this fantastic city. It’s a contender for our favourite city so far!