It’s day two in Caye Caulker and our hopes of a relaxing day of reading and dipping in and out of the sea were ruined by two first world problems, 1. The awful Wi-Fi and 2. The hassles of washing.

I did about 4 hours of PPC work last night and woke up to double check it all before sending it over. This took about 10 minutes but the following 2 hours were spent trying to get the file sent! The 10mb file wouldn’t go by Email, nor would it upload to Podio, Google Drive or our website. Plan B was to Zip it and try and send over a 200kb file, but nope, even this tiny file struggled and I spent an hour trying everything (Seeing my struggle, a little cat even came to help me on the balcony :)). Finally I managed to upload the file to Google Drive and send over a link to download it. The saying on this island is ‘Go Slow’ and it certainly applies to Wi-Fi.


As for the washing, we got to the only coin laundry place on the island with our 4 bags of stinky clothes in hand at 9am. All four washers were full so we started heading back. Some local then told us there was another laundry place a couple of blocks away and pointed us in the direction. It was 10 minutes later of hunting, dripping with sweat and with my arms aching that we realised he was probably wrong. We finally did get the washing done and dried but the whole process took us to 3pm!

On the plus side we found somewhere cheap ish for a late breakfast today. It was a little Chinese owned fast food place called Aunties, we went with the cheapest thing on the menu, a cheese and ham omelette which was weirdly served with a huge warm tortilla. It looked very unappetising as it was plonked into styrofoam boxes but it was really tasty. Who would have thought an omelette wrapped in a tortilla would be nice?

It must have been 4pm by the time we went to go for a swim. Sending 1 email and washing 2 loads of clothes has taken us a full working day?! The sun was close to setting but we found a little bar called Dip n Sip and got a couple of rum and Cokes as it was happy hour. Nick braved it and jumped in for a snorkel but I knew I’d be freezing when I came out to a sunless sky so I gave it a miss. He came out shivering having only seen a couple of little fish.

Whilst at Dip n Sip we met two couples from the States and the UK. Both were really nice and we ended up hanging around for a few hours chatting. As we’d only come out with $5 for a drink they were kind enough to ply us with a few rum punches and even gave Nick a blanket as his teeth were starting to chatter. We stayed there, on the end of a long dock, until the bar closed and even got to see small sharks circling below.

Having not eaten since 10am we were both pretty tipsy on the walk home. We didn’t even have our phones to get the time but judging by how quiet it was and most places being closed we thought it must have been about 11pm, turns out it was 7:30pm 🙂