Don’t worry parents, it’s not drugs, or even alcohol, it’s way better.. PIZZA!! Anyone who knows Nick and I will know we have a bit of an addiction to Pizza and rarely go a week without the standard weekend Domino’s delivery. Come Monday we would have been away 3 weeks and during that time we’ve had no Domino’s!! So to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay we headed to the local Dominos this evening, our eyes obviously lit up when we realised they do an X-Large in the US (I don’t know why I was surprised) so we left with a 16” pizza to take back and eat with The Wedding Ringer (which is worth a watch by the way).

This morning was spent reliving the sleeping pattern of my 12 year old self, we slept for 11 hours and woke up at 10am, it’s been a very long time since I’ve done that! The weather was overcast again so our plans of the beach were replaced with climbing and shopping. The climbing gym Nick wanted to go to was in downtown LA and as we had not ventured downtown yet I thought I’d go along and check out the shops whilst he did his thing.

I started to regret this as we entered downtown from what must be the worst possible way. The area was called skid row, and after checking it out on Wikipedia, I now know its the most densely populated area of homeless people in the whole of the States! There’s around 3500 homeless there and the tents, boxes and trollies they live in span a huge area of around 50 blocks in the southern part of downtown. I didn’t dare take a picture but check it out on Google, it really is shocking how these people live.

As we ventured closer to the high rise buildings of downtown and started to see some familiar shops I felt safer to hop out the car! I then spent 3 hours pottering around the streets and getting a feel for the place whilst Nick was climbing. It has a very local feel to it, most of the shops I saw were small and family owned and it didn’t have the touristy feel of San Fransisco. Instead, the majority of shoppers looked of Mexican descent and spoke Spanish. The clothes were so cheap I couldn’t resist, so I topped up on a few tops (that probably won’t even fit in my backpack) and a new bikini.. If we ever make it to the beach!