Upon waking we realised we was docked in Nassau. This was our first breakfast on board and we was disappointed by the buffet, everything was cold so tomorrow we will go for the sit down option, the only good part was the view of the Bahamas Atlantis Hotel from the window. It’s strange to be here as we almost booked Atlantis years ago when our Mexico holiday was canceled because of the swine flu outbreak.


The first thing we noticed when getting of the boat is that you get spat out in to a total tourist trap and it was not what we was expecting. The shopping square had people pestering you constantly for taxis, scooters, hair braids etc. It looked very much like USA, McDonalds, BK, Dunkin Donuts and Pizza Hut were all on the main street. We could not complain too much though as the next thing we did was head to McDonalds to use their free WiFi and it seemed a lot of people had the same idea 🙂

Realising that there was not much to do downtown other than look at all the expensive shops we walked further afield and found a couple of nice beaches. The sea was really blue, which was surprising as it was practically in the harbour where the ships dock. Not being able to resist cooling down we went for a good swim to some buoys 100 meters or so off the shore.


After a quick trip back to the ship to eat we decided to try and haggle a scooter so we could explore more of the island. They just would not budge on price though, gone are the days of £3 per day rentals that we was used to in Thailand.

Deciding we should probably do something we coughed up $4 each and took the ferry boat over to Paradise Island, the home of Atlantis. Because we walked some stupid way after getting off the ferry we arrived at the main gate to Atlantis and they just let us in, I am guessing they thought we was guests due to being at the front gate, probably a mile away from where all the day tourist try to enter.

Walking around Atlantis was amazing, topping Dubai’s Atlantis for sure. There was Turtles, Stingrays and sharks swimming around the grounds and the water park was right next door to the main building. We were gutted we didn’t come earlier and spend the day here using their waterpark for free.


To save money on a taxi back we walked over the bridge and then because we didn’t know how safe the area was, and also because we’re fat, we ran the remaining 2.5 KM back to the boat

We had a 3 course meal in the restaurant, and discovered a new dish we both really liked, Chimmi Churri Argentinian steak. Throughout the whole meal a woman was moaning on how we should not go to central America because the crime there is just not manageable, I bet she had never been!

We was really hammering the free drinks and made the mistake of mixing cocktails. This made us drunk enough to place another $50 on black and we won again, that’s it now, no more betting!

The night was finished off with the on board comedian again, he was better tonight and the show was longer, or at least it felt longer, it may have been the Mai Thai’s affecting our judgement.