Neither of us like museums. Even when they are free, we regret going in and are bored within 5 minutes. However, there is the worlds largest underwater museum here on Isla Mujere and as we love diving we thought we would give it a go today. We were at the Dive shop for 8:30 and out on their boat ready to go by 9:30. It was a short 10 minute trip to the dive site and we were soon jumping in.

It’s a shallow dive, I think the instructor said it was only 11 meters at the deepest point. So theoretically we could have stayed down there with our one tank much longer than the 45 we were given. The dive started with some large concrete bombs and as we went on we saw a groups of statues, houses, a VW car and a man with his head buried in the sand. I think all of these works of art have some meaning that is linked to climate change and is supposed to have an underlying message about taking care of the planet, to be honest though I think a lot of it passed us by.


The dive was definitely different, and some of the sculptures were impressive, especially the car. But considering it cost nearly 3 times as much as a dive in Thailand/Malaysia/Philippines etc I was a little disappointed. Each of the sculptures were about 5 minutes apart from one another so a lot of the time we were just swimming, which is no fun when there are barely any fish and the coral looks dead.

Our second dive was at a reef so we were expecting this one to makeup for the first. But sadly we were disappointed again 🙁 I don’t know if we have just been spoiled in Asia with vibrantly coloured coral and hundreds of types of fish of all shapes and sizes, but this dive wasn’t anything like what we’re used to. Most of the sea bed was bare, just sand and white dead coral. There was a few big schools of yellow fish and I did see a large box fish in the distance but aside from that there was nothing to write home about. Which is a shame as I think based on these prices, we won’t get to dive again in Central America. Maybe Isla Mujere was a bad choice.


We were back by 1pm and instantly cheered up when we got on Wi-Fi and realised we’d made 11 sales on Amazon so far today, yay! After relaxing for a bit we made our way out for a late lunch along the beach. As usual we checked out every restaurant and ended up back at the first one! It was a good choice though as we had a lovely view over the sea and Nick got some amazing Nachos!

In the evening we stayed in watching a war film called Eye in the Sky which was really good. Then popped out to sit by the sea for a bit before stocking up on cornflakes for breakfast tomorrow. And like everyone else, we don’t like Cornflakes but their the cheapest cereal by far 🙂