After way too much walking this morning we finally arrived at Miami’s port for our first ever cruise! Upon arrival we was told our itinerary had changed and we would only be going to one destination in The Bahamas and not the two we had booked, “Hurricane Matthew” was banded around a bit. I was pretty pissed off and tried to complain but was told no one here deals with customer issues and I would have to go on the boat and contact their customer services once I was home.

We couldn’t enter our room cabins for a few hours so we went for our first sit down cruise meal. I was expecting it to be awesome… It was crap, but I was in a foul mood so maybe it was better than I thought.

The room was larger than we thought it would be, we both commented that it was bigger than almost all hotel rooms in Japan. Not having anything to do in the room other than watch adverts about Diamonds on TV we headed to the top deck and started getting our monies worth at the open bar.


Exploring the ship a little more we played some shuffle board, a new experience for both of us, and then finished off with some Basketball. Finishing all the sporting activates we both decided it would be a great idea to get in to the forward hot tub and watch the boat leave from there, so we did.

The welcome BBQ then kicked off and our diet instantly went out the window, we knew it would be futile so just embraced the food.

After watching a very red and beautiful sun set we went back to the cabin and got changed ready for dinner, turned out that everyone really dressed up on a cruise, and I don’t really have the clothes to compete but I didn’t let that get me down. Loving Asia we both chose the Asian meal. Probably the best spring rolls we have ever had were followed by a mediocre sweet and sour pork.

After dinner we headed to the comedy show with a couple of Mai Thai drinks, I am not sure if I really liked them but it had Thai in the name, sold! Whilst waiting for the act to start we realised they was going to “put on entertainment” when did we turn in to the Butlins Demographic! The comedy only lasted 30 minutes, its was OK but nothing brilliant. In the evening we had a few more Mai Thai’s and then someone thought it was a good idea to smack $50 on black and won, we left with some big grins.