We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Good morning Vietnam

I don't think setting an alarm to voluntarily get up at 5.15am is something I'll be doing again anytime soon, but this morning was an exception. Last nights stay on Cat Ba island as part of our Ha Long Bay cruise was lovely and we were told the sunrise at 5.30 was unmissable. Our bungalow was in a perfect setting overlooking the secluded sandy cove of the island and it's calm waters. Each bungalow [...]

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A taste of paradise

The day stared for us again at 6am but I can’t say that I am getting used to the early mornings. However today we was not getting up to catch a plane or a bus, but to partake in an hour of Tai Chi on the top of the boat during the sunrise. It was such an experience and well worth the suffering. I think our Tai Chi master was a little bit worse for ware as he had been up until 2am with some of the [...]

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All aboard in Vietnam

With China behind us, it’s our first full day in Vietnam today! There’s a few things I won’t miss about China like the constant spitting, being breathed on all the time and the rudeness off some people. But on the other hand I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed my time there, we had some of our best days there since leaving the UK. Many people, us included, would overlook China as a possible holida [...]

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