We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

The Vietnam War In a Nutshell

It’s hard to put the whole of the Vietnam war in a nutshell  because it was quite a complicated event, but I have tried to remove all the confusing information to give you a high level view of what happened. Vietnam was a colony for the French, but Vietnamese revolutionaries led by Ho Chi Minh fought the French for independence and managed to push them out of the country by 1954. The US didn’t lik [...]

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Terror Tunnel

Today we’re heading to one of the most interesting attractions in Vietnam, the Cu Chi tunnels. These tunnels played a big part in the Vietnam war and is where the Viet Cong lived and fought. The tunnel network is over 250km long and was built only under the cover of night. The tunnels are really small, this is by design to trap any larger American soldiers that decided to explore. A sitting duck f [...]

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Beach bums

It’s our second day in Nha Trang today, we leave for our final destination in Vietnam tomorrow which is Ho Chin Minh City. Nha Trang has a completely different feel to it than our previous stops in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue and Hoi An. This is the popular beach destination of the country so it is a lot more touristy than other areas, every street is filled with brightly lit shops with [...]

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Pigs in mud

After surviving the night on the sleeper train we disembarked quite excited because we was going straight to iResort, a mudding spa where we were set to have our first mud bath! Walking out of the train station we were soon swarmed by people offering to take us anywhere we wanted to go, but I wanted to quickly jump on the Wi-Fi and see how far our destination was to haggle a good price. Whilst I w [...]

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On your bike

I can’t believe how cheap it is to hire a bike in Vietnam, today we picked up two bikes from our hotel at a cost of £1 each for the whole day! Ok, so one of my handles was missing and the breaks were a little iffy, but that’s all part of the fun right? Thinking back, in Vancouver we hired bikes for a day and spent near on £35, what a difference. Even motorbikes are only £3 for the day, although we [...]

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What’s it like to be a villager in Vietnam?

We're not big fans of the whole tour group sightseeing malarky usually. The tour groups are usually too large, you can never hear anything and the english isn’t always great. Today was an exception though, we went on the waterwheel tour in Hoi An and it exceeded both of our expectations as one of the highlights of our trip so far. Having a super friendly tour guide who spoke excellent english defi [...]

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The Tomb Of Hue?

After reading some of the hand written reviews that were dotted all over the Hue Four Seasons hotel we was really exited about breakfast. Nearly every one was saying how it was the best breakfast they have had in Vietnam. But it was not up to the hype, the menu only offered simple dishes, egg on toast, single banana pancake etc. Where was the full English, the croissants, Pain au Chocolate? Trying [...]

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Good morning Vietnam

I don't think setting an alarm to voluntarily get up at 5.15am is something I'll be doing again anytime soon, but this morning was an exception. Last nights stay on Cat Ba island as part of our Ha Long Bay cruise was lovely and we were told the sunrise at 5.30 was unmissable. Our bungalow was in a perfect setting overlooking the secluded sandy cove of the island and it's calm waters. Each bungalow [...]

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