We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

The end of Route 66

The alarm went off at 7am this morning, we don’t usually set an alarm but we wanted to get out of East St Louis asap today! We did get some sleep despite the knocking headboards from the surrounding rooms throughout the night, and to our disbelief the car was still there when we escaped. Just like the past 2 days, today has been another long day of driving but we’ve reached the end of Route 66! Si [...]

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Route 66 – Gangstas Paradise

Route 66 is coming to an end, the final stop will be Chicago which we will reach by the end of tomorrow. As we want to spend a few days in Chicago and 4 days in New York (before flying to Canada on the 28th) we decided to have another heavy day of driving today in order to get to Chicago in time. Similarly to yesterday, we covered around 250 miles today. Starting off in Springfield, Missouri and e [...]

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Route 66 – 3 states in one day

Today was a great Route 66 day, we did over 200 miles without leaving 66. Up until now its generally been several miles on 66 and then diversions on to the highway. Another first was that we passed through 3 states, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. This was was due to the route passing through the very south-east tip of Kansas for 20-30 miles, this was some of the best though. I will start with the [...]

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Water park splashings

We head to Tulsa (another city in Oklahoma) this evening so today is our last day in Oklahoma City. Since we’ve been here a water park by our hotel has been catching our eye. I think the last waterpark we went to was in Rhodes in 2010 so we were well over due and had an excuse to be kids for the day. We did this quite literally as we found coupons online to pay the kids price :). Before hitting th [...]

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Route 66 – Is this the way to Amarillo?

Last night’s ‘Motel 6’ motel in Tucumuri had no Wi-Fi (I wasn’t impressed!). As we’ve been booking each night’s accommodation the night before, this meant we woke up this morning for the first time with no motel booked for tonight in Amarillo. This was a good excuse to go to McDonalds for their Wi-Fi and slip in a Sausage and Egg McMuffin for good measure. Before we left we hopped on Tripadvisor a [...]

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Getting hot in the lobster pot

We woke up in Durango this morning, it’s quite a small town in the South of Colorado. The only reason we are here is because Nick’s Walmart hairdresser recommended it! Most people come here in the winter to ski or for the water rafting on the passing river. We wasn’t doing either but thought we’d set out on one of the trails from our hotel which went along the river to downtown in order to get a f [...]

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Route 66 – Breaking Bad’s hometown

Having extended our hotel stay in Albuquerque to a second night, we had all of today to spend exploring the town. As usual when we reach any new town, we went on TripAdvisor and checked out the top 10 things to do. Being a massive Breaking Bad fan I was excited to see that Breaking Bad tours were ranked in the top 10 (I didn’t even know it was filmed here). I had a look into a few of the tour comp [...]

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Route 66 – Happy 4th of July

A delicious start to the day: Kelloggs Zucarita’s = chocolate Frosties, genius! There are two ways to do Route 66, you can drive the i40 and follow the state signs showing you where to get off and drive the “Historical Route 66”, or you can go over to and download a turn by turn guide. We were doing a hybrid of both, to try and get the fullest experience without having to drive [...]

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