We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Getting hot in the lobster pot

We woke up in Durango this morning, it’s quite a small town in the South of Colorado. The only reason we are here is because Nick’s Walmart hairdresser recommended it! Most people come here in the winter to ski or for the water rafting on the passing river. We wasn’t doing either but thought we’d set out on one of the trails from our hotel which went along the river to downtown in order to get a f [...]

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Route 66 – Breaking Bad’s hometown

Having extended our hotel stay in Albuquerque to a second night, we had all of today to spend exploring the town. As usual when we reach any new town, we went on TripAdvisor and checked out the top 10 things to do. Being a massive Breaking Bad fan I was excited to see that Breaking Bad tours were ranked in the top 10 (I didn’t even know it was filmed here). I had a look into a few of the tour comp [...]

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Route 66 – Happy 4th of July

A delicious start to the day: Kelloggs Zucarita’s = chocolate Frosties, genius! There are two ways to do Route 66, you can drive the i40 and follow the state signs showing you where to get off and drive the “Historical Route 66”, or you can go over to and download a turn by turn guide. We were doing a hybrid of both, to try and get the fullest experience without having to drive [...]

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Route 66 – Mighty Meteors & petrified logs

It’s now day 4 on Route 66 and after a 2 night stay in Flagstaff we were due to drive on to a place called Gallup today. Gallup is a small town just inside the state of New Mexico. As we drove in we got the impression it was probably a lot more lively back in the day as many of the shops and motels were boarded up further out of the centre of town. Our motel was fine though; microwave, fridge, cab [...]

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Route 66 – Grand Canyon

As the second attempt at downloading Cars was in English this time we had a lazy start to the day watching it in bed. Our motel in Flagstaff is about 1.5 hours from the Grand Canyon so this was our best chance to go. We decided on just visiting the South rim as we had heard it’s the widest part of Canyon and had been designated an area of natural beauty. On the plus side this meant great sights th [...]

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Route 66 – Cars, Cars, Cars

I generally wake up before Nick (I think he would probably never wake if I did’t wake him) and today was no exception. I was up at 8am so spent an hour catching up with my Dad via a WhatsApp call (which worked surprisingly well), turns out the UK are having their hottest day in 10 years!! Pshh 35 isn’t hot, try 45 ;) We started the day as we do most, by picking up milk from the local supermarket. [...]

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Route 66 – Day 1

Today is the day that we started Route 66. We dropped off the Golf and picked up a white Ford Mustang that had only covers 2000 miles. We don’t think it’s a big V8 but I’m not going to look and just pretend that it is. Off we go! Ok I looked, its a 3.7 V6, so not too bad. We decided to skip the “original LA Route 66 roads” because LA is a massive pain in the ass to drive in and we just wanted to g [...]

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Blowing the budget [Inc. video]

Today has been an expensive day. Our daily budget doesn’t really stretch to Universal Studio’s (unless we sleep on the street for the night) but we thought we’re probably only here once so let’s go! I think it was around £60 each so quite a bit more than Alton Towers or Thorpe Park. It was worth it though, it’s a great day out and there is loads to see and do there. The new Fast and Furious ride h [...]

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