We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Blowing the budget [Inc. video]

Today has been an expensive day. Our daily budget doesn’t really stretch to Universal Studio’s (unless we sleep on the street for the night) but we thought we’re probably only here once so let’s go! I think it was around £60 each so quite a bit more than Alton Towers or Thorpe Park. It was worth it though, it’s a great day out and there is loads to see and do there. The new Fast and Furious ride h [...]

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Beach Bodies

Finally, today is BEACH DAY! We decided to take a look at Venice beach first because this seems to be where all the attractions are. We turned up and the parking was $17.50 so swiftly turned round and managed to find a 2 hours space for $4 which was perfect as we wanted to see Santa Monica as well. It turned out that this was just enough time all be it with a little run at the end to get back in t [...]

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Feeding our addiction

Don’t worry parents, it’s not drugs, or even alcohol, it’s way better.. PIZZA!! Anyone who knows Nick and I will know we have a bit of an addiction to Pizza and rarely go a week without the standard weekend Domino’s delivery. Come Monday we would have been away 3 weeks and during that time we’ve had no Domino’s!! So to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay we headed to the local Dominos this evening [...]

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Hollywood Homes

So today was supposed to be a beach day, wahoo we could do with nice relaxing day. The problem turned out to be the weather. It was really hot and sunny at the hotel, but LA is so huge the weather can change. It took us over an hour to get to the Santa Monica Beach due to traffic and when we got there it was overcast and windy. Bit of a cockup we thought. We drove through Beverly Hills on the way [...]

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The walk of fame

I woke up in our tent again this morning after another stint of camping. This time it was at Freemont Campsite in Paradise (I'm not sure if ‘Paradise’ is a suitable name for any campsite though). We just spent one night there to break up our drive from San Fransisco to LA. The first leg of yesterdays drive was about 7 hours along the coastal route. I can’t say I saw much of this though as I swear [...]

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You’re under arrest

So after Hayley wrote the first post on the plane there’s been a few things worth writing about. Welcome to America, and the LAPD! When the plane landed everyone got up and got their luggage, but then we was all asked to take our seats again. We had no idea why until four casually dressed guys with badges turn up and handcuff the guy sitting behind us. The people sitting next to him seemed serious [...]

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Freedom at last

The day is finally here!! After 3 years of planning and counting down the days we are finally leaving the UK en route to Los Angeles. It’s been a hectic few weeks/months selling pretty much everything we own, I’m sure we’ll come to regret how little we have left when we get back 😁 but it’s kind of a nice feeling not having much, I can’t say I’ve missed anything yet. Obviously we’ll be sad to come [...]

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