We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Boats and Buildings

Our architecture boat tour was booked for 4:30 today, but apart from that, we had nothing planned. We sat in the hotel room pondering what to do when I saw Kevin had commented on a photo asking if we had been to the art museum. He was not the first to suggest it so that solved that little problem and we headed there first. We managed to get Hayley in as a student thanks to her very old student car [...]

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Why Chicago is awesome

Before I ramble on and in case you don’t read anymore, I need to point out that Chicago is awesome! I love it here. It’s a perfect blend of everything I’d want from a city and easily the best place we’ve experienced in America (I wonder if New York will beat it?). Right on your doorstep you’ve got the buzzing city atmosphere with all the skyscrapers, shops, historic buildings and over 8000 restaur [...]

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