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Things to do in Koh Tao: 8 top picks

Koh Tao will always be a special place to us from our travels as it’s where we learnt to scuba dive. Not only is it great for diving and snorkelling but the laid back vibe and relaxed atmosphere make it a perfect retreat even if you’re not into diving. Many people think this tiny island is just for diving but I hope our list of things to do in Koh Tao proves those people wrong! Things to do in Koh [...]

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Koh Tao Diving: What to expect when learning to dive

Both Hayley and I have always wanted to learn to dive and knew, at some point, we would learn so that when we “one day” went to Australia we could dive the Great barrier Reef. This was all before the plans of travelling and property investing but something that we never really got around to doing. Thankfully we didn’t do it in the UK and opted for Koh Tao diving instead. Koh Tao is a small island [...]

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What to expect from a Thai massage

Ever wondered what to expect from a Thai massage? I’m not talking the type of Thai massage you are going to get in Pattaya or a sleazy back street in Bangkok. There are actually massage parlours in Thailand where happy endings aren’t the norm and the clientele isn’t just middle-aged men on the prowl for young Thai girls. There are literally massage parlours on every street in Thailand so given we [...]

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Climbing in Tonsai, Paradise?

Tonsai is probably on a lot of climbers lists of places to go. There are not many places in the world where you can climb beautiful routes right on a picture perfect sandy beach. Tonsai has climbing for all levels but if you really want to get the most from it you want to be climbing above 6c. On the main strip of beach the easiest route is a tough 6a, and its quite polished because everyone seems [...]

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The first 10 things we learnt about Vietnam

It’s our first day in Vietnam today and the morning was spent on a 4 hour coach trip from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay. Luckily the tour guide spoke English and filled our brains with lots of local knowledge so here’s the first 10 things we learnt about Vietnam … The average salary for a city job is around £200 - £250 per month Farmers can expect to make between £60 - £120 per month 70% of Vietnamese peop [...]

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10 things that surprised me about China

Our 4 weeks in China have been great, the experience has been unforgettable and we've seen some of the most famous places on earth and enjoyed scenic spots that have taken our breath away! It has been quite a culture shock though and many things have differed to what we were expecting. Read on and find out what has surprised us the most.. 1) Spitting This has to go first as it's the most shocking. [...]

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China tea scam exposed

We would consider ourselves quite switched on when it comes to recognising scammers and people out to rip us off. However, for the first time on our travels, we was very close to being scammed in Shanghai by two very friendly Chinese ‘students’. We’ve shared our story so you’ll be aware should you ever be approached in a similar way. An innocent approach Walking along in Shanghai trying to find on [...]

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5 Unmissable things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong may be relatively small in comparison with the likes of New York, Tokyo and London but don't let that put you off, there are still plenty of things to do that you won't want to miss. In this post we'll share with you our top 5 things to do in Hong Kong to ensure you have an amazing trip! 1) Get up to the Peak Hong Kong arguably has the best skyline in the world (it's my favourite anyway! [...]

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