We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

First impressions of Myanmar

Like Laos, Myanmar (AKA Burma) was another country we hadn’t planned to visit on our trip. But we’re in the area so we thought why not. Also, we thought it would be interesting to see a country that was at the very start of the inevitable journey that always ends in some form of Benidorm-ness :) After all, Myanmar only opened it’s doors to tourists in 2012 so it should be very different to the res [...]

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Chanthanburi in a nutshell

Chanthanburi isn’t on many travellers itineraries. It’s mainly visited by local Thai tourists and is relatively untapped by Westerners. We’ve just spent a week on the island of Koh Samet so rather than jumping straight to another beach resort we thought we’d spend a couple of days off the beaten track exploring Chanthanburi. Firstly, everything we read online was right. It was extremely local and [...]

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Six free things to do in Sydney

There is no mistaking it, we are cheap skates and don’t like paying for anything. When we was in Las Vegas we loved the Las Vegas app because there was a “freeloader” section and we literally just ticked it all off like a list and it really helped us out. Arriving in Sydney we knew that we was on a tight budget for the 27 days we have in Australia so couldn’t do some of the ‘must do’ attractions l [...]

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New Zealand: North VS South, who wins?

New Zealand has a very well trodden path for backpackers and holidaymakers alike. The landscape and natural beauty across the country is world class and it’s hard to argue with anyone when they say it’s the most picturesque country in the world. But when it comes to the North and South islands, which one is better? Which one has more to offer and which did I personally prefer? The South The South [...]

£20,000 Later – How far has it gotten us?

This post is a little over due because we hit the £20,000 spend a few weeks ago after leaving Singapore. I also believe this post will be quite controversial as a ‘proper traveller’ could quite easily make the £20,000 go a lot further. Since day one we’ve kept track of every penny we’ve spent, from buying a carton of milk to each nights accommodation. So it’s quite easy for us to pull this all fro [...]

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Learning to surf in Weligama

If you speak to anyone about Sri Lanka they will probably mention surfing. With sun, sea, sand and surf Sri Lanka has always been a very popular destination for the totally rad surfer dudes. Unfortunately we are not totally rad surfer dudes but as this country is home to one of the top ten surfing locations in the world we thought we should probably learn to surf whilst we are here. Why Weligama? [...]

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Is Pai really a backpackers dream?

Every time I meet a fellow traveller in Thailand and ask them what the highlight of their trip has been, their response is always ‘Pai’. But why? What does this little town deep within the Northern mountains of Thailand offer for backpackers to place it on such a pedestal? As I sit here swinging in my hammock chair whilst writing this post I overlook nothing but endless fields and mountains. This [...]

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How to see Thailand’s elephants the ethical way

For the people of Thailand the elephant is seen as a national treasure. Much like the Chinese see the panda and the Spanish see the bull . For many years this animal has been adored and idolised not only for its strength but also its intelligence. As you travel around Thailand elephants are seen everywhere. Stone carved elephants are common at temples, shrines and outside hotels, whilst images of [...]

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