We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Is Pai really a backpackers dream?

Every time I meet a fellow traveller in Thailand and ask them what the highlight of their trip has been, their response is always ‘Pai’. But why? What does this little town deep within the Northern mountains of Thailand offer for backpackers to place it on such a pedestal? As I sit here swinging in my hammock chair whilst writing this post I overlook nothing but endless fields and mountains. This [...]

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How we spent Christmas day in Pai

Yesterday was spent exploring the areas to the north and west of Pai, so today was going to be all about the south and east. But not before we purchased our Christmas hats, it is the 25th after all. Heading south out of town the first place we stopped at was Coffee in Love. A quite substantial coffee shop situated on a hill over looking the Pai valley, an amazing place to chill out and have a cupp [...]

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