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Things to do in Koh Tao: 8 top picks

Koh Tao will always be a special place to us from our travels as it’s where we learnt to scuba dive. Not only is it great for diving and snorkelling but the laid back vibe and relaxed atmosphere make it a perfect retreat even if you’re not into diving. Many people think this tiny island is just for diving but I hope our list of things to do in Koh Tao proves those people wrong! Things to do in Koh [...]

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Koh Tao Diving: What to expect when learning to dive

Both Hayley and I have always wanted to learn to dive and knew, at some point, we would learn so that when we “one day” went to Australia we could dive the Great barrier Reef. This was all before the plans of travelling and property investing but something that we never really got around to doing. Thankfully we didn’t do it in the UK and opted for Koh Tao diving instead. Koh Tao is a small island [...]

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The beautiful island of Nangyuan

We’ve been staying on Koh Tao Island for 8 nights, the longest time we have stayed anywhere since leaving the UK 6 months ago. Originally we only planned 5 nights but due to the diving course we had to extend it, I’m glad we did as it’s lovely here and the diving has been great. Sadly it’s time to say goodbye today though as we head back to Koh Samui for 10 days. I’ve wanted to visit the Nangyuan [...]

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My new wheels

Mark and Gary left Koh Tao very early this morning but their quad bike wasn’t due back until 1pm today. This meant one thing, I could finally have my own wheels, yay! Up until now the few motorbikes we’ve hired have been driven by Nick, I think this is because I’m female and he naturally thinks this will mean I’ll crash and kill us. He had no excuse this morning though as we set off on our own qua [...]

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