We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

The Ko Chang TT

Today is the day, the day we get out from under the bed covers and see what Ko Chang really have to offer. Why today I heard you ask? Well for the first time since we arrived the sun is shining and there is hardly a cloud in the sky. The day turned out to be fabulous, great for photographing and exploring the island. Our first stop was to the Kai Bae point where there was a really nice TRAT sign t [...]

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Chanthanburi in a nutshell

Chanthanburi isn’t on many travellers itineraries. It’s mainly visited by local Thai tourists and is relatively untapped by Westerners. We’ve just spent a week on the island of Koh Samet so rather than jumping straight to another beach resort we thought we’d spend a couple of days off the beaten track exploring Chanthanburi. Firstly, everything we read online was right. It was extremely local and [...]

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Happy birthday to me

Today marks the start of the end of my twenties. I think my 28th birthday was probably spent renovating a house in preparation for us leaving 2 weeks later to begin this trip, so needless to say it isn’t a memorable one. So as we’re in Bangkok for this one with not a single paint roller, screwdriver or hammer in sight, it’s got to be better! It would have been great if Nick woke me up with a nicel [...]

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The strangest temples we’ve come across?

It really makes a difference sleeping in a proper hotel, the peace and quiet was absolute bliss! Today was the first, and only, full day in Chiang Rai having only come solely to see the white temple and black house. The hotel was able to source a Hog and after a small wait in reception for delivery it was not long before we was cruising down the highway heading to the white temple. The white templ [...]

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Is Pai really a backpackers dream?

Every time I meet a fellow traveller in Thailand and ask them what the highlight of their trip has been, their response is always ‘Pai’. But why? What does this little town deep within the Northern mountains of Thailand offer for backpackers to place it on such a pedestal? As I sit here swinging in my hammock chair whilst writing this post I overlook nothing but endless fields and mountains. This [...]

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How we spent Christmas day in Pai

Yesterday was spent exploring the areas to the north and west of Pai, so today was going to be all about the south and east. But not before we purchased our Christmas hats, it is the 25th after all. Heading south out of town the first place we stopped at was Coffee in Love. A quite substantial coffee shop situated on a hill over looking the Pai valley, an amazing place to chill out and have a cupp [...]

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How to see Thailand’s elephants the ethical way

For the people of Thailand the elephant is seen as a national treasure. Much like the Chinese see the panda and the Spanish see the bull . For many years this animal has been adored and idolised not only for its strength but also its intelligence. As you travel around Thailand elephants are seen everywhere. Stone carved elephants are common at temples, shrines and outside hotels, whilst images of [...]

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Things to do in Koh Tao: 8 top picks

Koh Tao will always be a special place to us from our travels as it’s where we learnt to scuba dive. Not only is it great for diving and snorkelling but the laid back vibe and relaxed atmosphere make it a perfect retreat even if you’re not into diving. Many people think this tiny island is just for diving but I hope our list of things to do in Koh Tao proves those people wrong! Things to do in Koh [...]

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