We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

A pleasant change

It seems making an omelette in Sri Lanka is quite a tricky task. This morning's breakfast took a record breaking 40 minutes to be served! After the world's slowest breakfast we grabbed a tuk tuk to Weligama station and waited for our train to our next stop, Galle. We had been told by an English couple to avoid Galle as its very upmarket, full of boutique shops, nice restaurants and tourists. Inste [...]

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Learning to surf in Weligama

If you speak to anyone about Sri Lanka they will probably mention surfing. With sun, sea, sand and surf Sri Lanka has always been a very popular destination for the totally rad surfer dudes. Unfortunately we are not totally rad surfer dudes but as this country is home to one of the top ten surfing locations in the world we thought we should probably learn to surf whilst we are here. Why Weligama? [...]

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6000 steps up Adams Peak

Our sole reason for being in Hatton, or more specifically Delhouse, is to climb up Adam’s Peak. This is the mountain behind us in today’s blog image. It stands at 2,243 meters high and the 6000 steps that get you to the top are said to involve a 9 mile round trip. I know, this does not sound like fun at all, but it’s one of the top rated things to do in Sri Lanka so here we are! Adam’s Peak actual [...]

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Lions Rock and more scams

Today was our first normal day in Sri Lanka, after yesterday’s Fiasco we was looking forward a day of sight seeing and hopefully decent food. The hotel manager advised we started early so we was in a Tuk Tuk by 7 am heading to the local bakery for breakfast. The only thing on the menu was curry, every type of curry, but all curry. We settled on a potato curry with bread. To be fair it was not to b [...]

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A bad start to 2016

Having arrived in Sri Lanka late last night, we spent our midnight celebrations in the queue for immigration. Not the most exiting ways to see the new year in but one we’ll always remember. Anyway today was our first full day in Sri Lanka and our plans to get up super early and travel to our first destination of Dambulla failed miserably. It was gone 10 by the time we dragged ourself out of bed, I [...]

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