We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

The Garden City

I finally got to enjoy the buffet breakfast at the hotel this morning without my stomach cramping up on me. We talk about food way too much on this blog so I won’t go into detail, but WOW, what a spread. I wish we could stay 5* more often. The plan today was to check out Gardens By The Bay, the most highly rated thing to see in Singapore. They call Singapore ‘The Garden City’ and it’s no wonder wh [...]

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Flower power

As predicted we spent the whole of yesterday in bed. Neither of us felt up to leaving the hotel and we could barely touch a thing at breakfast (if you know us, you’ll know this is rare!). We were gutted as there is so much we want to see in Singapore and we’ve basically wasted our first two days. We still weren’t 100% this morning but we forced ourselves out to visit the famous Botanical Gardens. [...]

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A breath of fresh air

It was like landing on another planet this morning when we arrived in Singapore from India. As the day went on I started to realise that we probably couldn’t have picked anywhere in the world to go that would be more of a contrast to life in India. The two really are chalk and cheese. And if India’s the chalk, it’s so, so nice to be surrounded in cheese! It may sound stupid but the first thing I n [...]

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