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How to calculate rental yield: Beginners guide

You’ll often hear the term ‘rental yield’ thrown around in the property industry. But what is it? In this article I’ll explain and show you how to calculate rental yield with some examples. Calculating the expected rental yield is always a great place to start when evaluating a property’s potential return. It’s something we have personally been doing since day one on every property we’ve viewed an [...]

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How we’re self managing our portfolio from afar

As you may well know, we are currently travelling the world on the income from our property portfolio. Even though we have been out of the country for 5 months and do not plan on returning for another 12 months or so, the decision not to use a letting agent was an easy one for us. In the property circles there is always a big emphasis on leveraging other peoples time, and getting an agent to manag [...]

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How to get started in property investment

How to get started in property investment is a very open question, it really all depends on what type of investing you want to be doing. However we have always given the same advice. Stop spending so much and start saving, you will need some money behind you if you are going to get into property investing and be successful. Of course there are ways to invest and be successful in property by using [...]

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Online letting agents, hit or miss?

My first experience with an online agent Those of you that know me will know that I'm a cheapskate! If there's a cheaper way to do something, I usually will. So for that reason, when I sold my first house I opted to use an online estate agent instead of a typical traditional high street one.Whilst I've never used a traditional agent to sell a house (so have no comparison), I have to say my experie [...]

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The types of property investment explained

You’ve taken the first step and decided to invest in property. The next step is working out what type of investment is right for you, there is no one size fits all answer and it will really comes down to your attitude to risk and your goals. There are so many different types of property investment out there; they range from basic single lets to more complex lease options. Some choices you may face [...]

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Houses or flats [Infographic]

Houses VS Flats: Where should you invest? Unfortunately there isn't a right answer to this one! It really does come down to your own preferences and current position. Many investors will only invest in houses whilst others swear by flats. To help you decide on whether to invest in houses or flats we've created the infographic below to highlight the key differences: So where should you invest? Pers [...]

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Why setting goals is important

Setting goals keeps you focused on what you are trying to achieve. Setting ridiculous or far-fetched goals is very counter productive and can make progress feel very slow. It is always best to set small achievable goals that can be realistically achieved if you stick to your plan. The importance of setting SMART goals When it comes to property, we have always set our version of SMART goals because [...]

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Property investment books: 5 unmissable reads

I've been reading a lot lately and thought I’d share with you my top 5 property investment books.  I think these are great if you’re new to property but even for the more experienced investor, you’re sure to learn something. You’ll often find some of the more popular property training seminars or DVD training packs are very costly, sometimes in excess of a few thousand! And whilst you’re obviously [...]

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