We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Unforgettable views

Considering how much we like bed, we wasn’t planning on getting up and seeing a sunrise over Bagan whilst here. However, having met a couple of Austrians on top of a pagoda yesterday we were persuaded that it would be worth the early start. So we were up, out the door and on our little E-bikes by 4:45am this morning! With plans to come straight back after the sunset we were free to speed on down t [...]

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First impressions of Myanmar

Like Laos, Myanmar (AKA Burma) was another country we hadn’t planned to visit on our trip. But we’re in the area so we thought why not. Also, we thought it would be interesting to see a country that was at the very start of the inevitable journey that always ends in some form of Benidorm-ness :) After all, Myanmar only opened it’s doors to tourists in 2012 so it should be very different to the res [...]

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