We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Captain Hook and his shocking past

This morning we met with our Swiss friends from yesterday to have a tour of Captain Hook's village and coffee plantation. Thanks to our amazing tour from Mr Vieng yesterday, we were already coffee experts so it was a little hard to keep interested at first. However once we moved on it turned in to one of the most insightful experiences of our travels. Village life The village that Captain Hook is [...]

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Mr Vieng the coffee master

This morning we left our backpacks with our motorbike rental company and embarked on a 2 day road trip around the Bolaven Plateau in Pakse, Laos. We set off on the 250km adventure aboard our hopefully trusty Honda Scoopy bike with just a carrier bag of essentials. “ Don’t forget to visit Mr Vieng ” our bike rental company shouted as we drove off. Who is Mr Vieng? The highly recommended visit to Mr [...]

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