We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

The beautiful Vang Vieng

We arrived in Vang Vieng around 1pm today after a 3 hour bus ride from Vientiane. The closer we got the more we realised we probably should have booked more than one night here, the scenery was beautiful! It reminded us a little of Pai in Thailand as it is just a small town surrounded by miles and miles of picture perfect undisturbed greenery. The landscape is similar to Guilin in China too with t [...]

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Captain Hook and his shocking past

This morning we met with our Swiss friends from yesterday to have a tour of Captain Hook's village and coffee plantation. Thanks to our amazing tour from Mr Vieng yesterday, we were already coffee experts so it was a little hard to keep interested at first. However once we moved on it turned in to one of the most insightful experiences of our travels. Village life The village that Captain Hook is [...]

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Mr Vieng the coffee master

This morning we left our backpacks with our motorbike rental company and embarked on a 2 day road trip around the Bolaven Plateau in Pakse, Laos. We set off on the 250km adventure aboard our hopefully trusty Honda Scoopy bike with just a carrier bag of essentials. “ Don’t forget to visit Mr Vieng ” our bike rental company shouted as we drove off. Who is Mr Vieng? The highly recommended visit to Mr [...]

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A step back in time

Today is the only day we have on the island of Don Kohn, which is part of the frequently visited 4000 islands of Laos. We arrived here as the sun came down yesterday aboard a small, suspect looking, wooden boat across the Mekong river. The island is small so the plan today is to hire push bikes and explore this island as well as the adjoining Don Det island. My push bike rode about as well as you [...]

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Third world travel at its finest

The dreaded day had arrived, the journey from Siem Reap to 4000 Islands in Laos. Deep breath! The tuk tuk arrived bang on time, wait, a tuk tuk? I hope we are not travelling 100’s of kilometre’s by tuk tuk. Pulling up at a hotel / travel agency we saw a mini bus and loads of tourist waiting to leave. Fortunately we were first to get on the bus and had pick of the seats, I chose the front row as it [...]

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