We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Bali by bike

Today we actually got out of the hotel and went to explore Bali by motorbike, it’s our last day here after all so it’s now or never! It’s a fairly big island so we were never going to fit everything in one day so we picked out a few top recommendations and set off. After filling up the tank for a grand total of £1 (How am I ever going to get used to UK fuel prices again?!) we took a drive up to Ub [...]

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Diving in Tulamben

There is a very small coastal town on the east coast of Bali that not many people have heard of called Tulamben. We were told about Tulamben when diving on the Great Barrier Reef with a German diving instructor. It turns out this tiny little village is home to one of the best wreck dives in the world! The USAT Liberty The USAT Liberty was a US Army cargo ship that was just off the coast of Bali in [...]

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