We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list.

Just call us Posh and Becks

Something very strange happened to us today and I still can’t work out why! We were walking along the river in the city of Xi’an and thought we’d take a rest on the wall, we was just sitting there talking, minding our own business when a group of 4 teenage girls approached us. They were all giggling and looked very excited, they said ‘can you take photo please’ so we assumed they wanted us to take [...]

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The Terracotta army

Today we are visiting the Terracotta Army, something I have been looking forward to since before we left. Even when we went to get our travel injections and said we was visiting China she straightaway said, “are you going to visit the Terracotta Warriors?” The alarm buzzed again at 7 but I could not handle it again more, and told Hayley I was setting it for 8, I got a grunt which I took as OK, and [...]

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Caved In

I have definitely had enough of the alarm going off at 7AM everyday, I am starting to wonder if I can ever have a 9-5 job again this is torture! Today is our last day in Guilin, we fly to Xian at 16:05 so wanted to make the most of the morning. We were both really looking forward to breakfast but I think the anticipation of unlimited free food is always a little bit more exciting that the actual f [...]

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